Your source for everything you need to know for the 2017-2018 season over the Gospel of Mark

Important Notes

  • Master Memorization Award. All of the Gospel of Mark must be quoted consecutively, in one sitting, within a 60-minute time limit, beginning with Mark Chapter one, verse one, and continuing through Mark 16 verse 20. The quizzer is permitted 7 mistakes for the entirety of the material.
  • Both National Memorization names, Master Memorization names and Discipleship names must be submitted by the District Bible Quiz Coordinators (DBQC) to NYM by MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2018 2:00PM CST. Must be E-Mailed to BQ@Ag.org (Forms do not need to be submitted-just the names, church names, city, state.) Check with your DBQC when your District Deadline is, as most have an earlier date to hand out trophies and plaques.
  • National BQ Finals will be held at Calvary Church, Naperville, IL. July 1-6, 2018. Everyone will be at the same hotel and the cost will be $89.00 a night and includes a free hot breakfast, free parking and an indoor swimming pool. We also will have meeting rooms for the quizzers to fellowship in the evenings. Registration cost for National BQ Finals will remain the same again for 2018.
  • Adult quizzing at National Finals. Veteran: Mark Chapters 1-5 for 192 verses. Novice: Mark Chapters 1-3 for 108 verses.
  • Discipleship Book for the 2017-2018 BQ Season: Fearless by Dr. George Wood. (need to just 30 of the devotionals)
  • We are updating the NYM BQ Website at https://youth.ag.org/participate/bible-quiz and will be an ongoing process over the next few months. One nice feature is now quizzers who would like to access their BQ Scholarship money can simply go to the “Invest Tab” and click on “Scholarships” and then “Click here to fill out the scholarship funds request form” Then simply submit online!