A League Middle School Experience
Meet 1 G 1-6 149 vs G 1-5 131 vs G 3, 5 55 vs
Meet 2 E 1-6 155 vs G 6, E 1-4 116 vs E 1, 4 55 vs
Meet 3 Phs 1-4 104 vs E 5-6 57 vs E 5-6:9 42 vs
Meet 4 C 1-4, Pn 120 vs Phs 1-3 81 vs E 6:10-24, Phs 2 45 vs
528 vs 385 vs 197 vs


“A League” written by Jesse Czubkowski

Jesse CzubkowskiAs these questions will be relatively new to a large number of you, know that there will be a few tweaks to the “status quo” of certain question types. I believe that an incremental, cover-to-cover mastery of your scripture portion is essential, so knowledge of items like references & chapter analysis will be tested. Due to the brevity of the material, make sure you are quoting early and often. I use a lot of section titles to direct you (especially at League Level). As you advance to higher levels of competition, the direction will change and/or become slightly more sparse.

Most 10-pointers will be straightforward and easy – usually 7 words or less – at all levels of competition.

For 20s and 30s, League level questions will be very easy, most coming from one verse, and no change in difficulty between league meets. There will also be two Application questions per set from League Meet # 1 to League Meet #4. There will be no Application Questions in Meet # 5,

District Finals, Regional Finals or National Finals. District Final questions will step up quotes and some answers to two and three verses. Basic in-chapter concordance questions will be introduced. Regional Final questions will use more difficult question types. 20s will vary in difficulty with some easy, medium and tough questions, while the 30s will see a big step-up in difficulty, including cross-reference material. National Final questions will find most 20s and all 30s challenging – anticipating and expecting a mastery of the material.


“Middle School” written by Danielle Brozovich

Danielle BrozovichMiddle School Practice Questions (found on CD available from My Healthy Church) are a direct reflection of the questions that will be seen at League Matches. For new quizzers, learning the Middle School Study Questions (found on the Basic 5 CD) is a great place to start. These questions are sometimes slightly more complex and do not always have the shortest answers, but learning these questions will hopefully widen their ability to answer other questions as well.

Pay attention to patterns in introductory remarks. They were written specifically to indicate the length/type of question. Ten-pointers are written to have 1-6 words, longer if it requires a complete answer. Twenty-pointers begin to vary more in question type, i.e. two-part question, multiple part answer, etc. Typically a twenty-pointer will require part of a long verse or most of a short verse. Thirty pointers are written to be slightly more challenging than twenty-pointers, whether it be in the question completion or the length of the answer. When a question is designated as a Scripture Text Question, the quizzer should slow down and listen for a key word. An interruption should not be anticipated with STQ’s.


“GEPCP Experience” written by Danielle Brozovich & Bernie Elliot

Danielle BrozovichPastor Bernie ElliotWithin the first 12 “Toss Up” Questions, 10 will be Middle School Study Questions (found on the Basic 5 CD) written by Danielle. There will be 2 Application questions per match and they will always be between question number 13 and 20.

The rest of the questions will almost always be asked by Section Titles and will include several chapter analysis answers. There will be very few quotes, but those that are asked are from Primary Verses. There will be several 1 word answers in each set.