Getting started

What book(s) are we quizzing over?
How do I start a Bible Quiz team?
How do I order materials?

General coaching

Getting quizzers to study
Getting quizzers to study [VIDEO]
Marking your Scripture Portion [VIDEO]
Checking off chapters
Running a practice [VIDEO]
During a practice [VIDEO]
Using practice time wisely [VIDEO]
Yogi Berra's Coaching Tips, Part 1
Yogi Berra's Coaching Tips, Part 2
What Coaches Can't Do

Middle School Quizzing

Transitioning from MSQ to A

Teaching Quizzers to Interrupt, Complete, and Answer Questions

Anticipating interruptions
Hitting 10s
Hitting "describe" questions
Hitting 20-point "complete answer" questions
Hitting chapter analysis questions
Hitting scripture text questions
Drill: The Perfect Team
Drill: Offense/Defense
Drill: Analysis

Game Strategy

The best reread strategies
Quizzing with two wrong
Beating "chuckers"
What's the difference between Audrey and Katherine Hepburn?

Rules and Contesting

How well should I know the rules?
Good contesting is R.A.R.E.
Responding to a contest
Tips on the rules [VIDEO]
Contesting, Part 1 [VIDEO]
Contesting, Part 2 [VIDEO]
Contesting, Part 3 [VIDEO]
Contesting, Part 4 [VIDEO]

Conquering the Concordance

Concordance Work, Part 1
Concordance Work, Part 2
Concordance Work, Part 3


Getting started

How do I memorize?

Understanding questions

Types of questions
What do all the introductory remarks mean?
Question difficulty from Leagues to Nationals


What else should I be studying?
Marking your Scripture Portion [VIDEO]
Quoting by reference
Studying the concordance
Remembering what you've learned
Reviewing what you've learned [VIDEO]

Interrupting, Completing and Answering Questions

How do I interrupt questions?
How do I learn to quote fast?
Buzzing Techniques [VIDEO]
Quizzing with two wrong

Rules and Contesting

How do I know when to contest a ruling?


Getting started

Most Common Mistakes Made by Officials


How to Read Questions [VIDEO]
Creating a "fun" but "fair" atmosphere