A League Middle School Experience
Meet 1 M 1-5 192 vs M 1-3 108 vs M 1 45 vs
Meet 2 M 6-9 178 vs M 4-5 84 vs M 5 43 vs
Meet 3 M 10-12 128 vs M 6-7 92 vs M 6 56 vs
Meet 4 M 13-16 175 vs M 8-9 86 vs M 8 38 vs
673 vs 370 vs 182 vs


A League written by Seth Sundell

I believe memorization and quoting are essential, along with knowing your references & chapter analysis. Earlier in the quiz year, I will use a lot of Section Headings to direct you, however as we move into district finals and beyond I will increase the difficulty level by reducing the usage of Section Headings and increasing the number of multiple-part questions. You’ll find all ten-pointers answers straight-forward and easy, normally 9 words or less, at all levels of competition, however, the questions may increase in complexity as you approach Nationals. League level questions will be very easy, most coming from one verse, and no change between league meets. There will also be two Application questions per set from League Meet # 1 to League Meet #4. There will be no Application Questions in Meet # 5, District Finals, Regional Finals or National Finals.

District Final questions we will step up quotes and some questions requiring two or three verses, and we’ll introduce some basic in-chapter cross-reference material.

Regional Final questions we will start utilizing the more difficult question types. 20s will run the gamut, with some easy, medium and tough questions, while the 30s will see another step-up in difficulty, including some cross-reference material.

National Final questions will find most 20s and all 30s challenging – testing your mastery of the material. Basically, any section, long give a complete answer, chapter analysis list or cross-reference list that can be given in approximately 25 seconds or less is fair game.


MSQ written by Doug Black

Middle School Practice Questions (found on CD available from My Healthy Church) are a direct reflection of the questions that will be seen at League Matches.

My goal is to make many of the questions readily answerable by anyone who studies.  The ten point questions are from the most basic material found in the Scripture and are simple one/two-part questions and/or answers.  A quizzer who spends some time studying every day should easily be able to answer these.  Thirty point questions will be the most difficult—long complete answers, quotes/essence, and longer multiple-part questions/answers.  Twenty point questions are pretty much everything else–medium multiple-part questions/answers, smaller quotes and medium length complete answers.  Certain question types just seem more difficult to me and carry higher point values than the answers might suggest.  There will be ten Study Questions in League Meet #1 and five Study Questions in League Meets #2-4.  Meets #2-4 will also have five questions in each set over review material.  There will be one or two quotation or essence questions in each set and one or two chapter analysis questions.  Difficulty will increase from League to District to Regional levels, with a few very difficult questions at Regionals.


Experience written by Doug Black and Bernie Elliot

Within the first 12 “Toss Up” Questions, 10 will be Middle School Study Questions (found on the Basic 5 CD or the Study Guide Plus CD) by Doug Black.

Each set will contain 2 Application Questions (Found on Study Guide CD) and they will always be asked between question number 13 and 20.  The rest of the questions will almost always be asked by Section Titles and will include several chapter analysis answers.  There will be very few quotes, but those that are asked are from Primary Verses.  There will be several 1 word answers in each set.