2007 South Texas Invitational February 2007

by Bryan Wootton The South Texas Invitational was held on February 16th and 17th in Houston, TX. Each team competed in a twelve team round robin. After the initial round robin, the top six teams competed in a round robin and the bottom six teams competed in their own round robin.

'1st Flight' Team Results

There was a playoff for 1st place. The final score in the play-off was Slidell, LA 105, James River, MO 50.

1. Slidell, LA

2. James River, MO

3. Carrollton, TX

'2nd Flight' Team Results

1. West Plains, MO

*2. Christian Chapel - Tulsa, OK

*3. Christian Temple, Houston, TX

*4. Owasso, OK

*Three way tie for 2nd place. Ties were broke by head-to-head results.

Individual Statistics

Rank Quizzer Team Points Avg. Quizouts

1 Blake Porter James River, MO 1040 94.55 8

2 Alan Orcutt Oaks Fellowship 995 90.45 8

3 Sommer Ferguson Carrollton, TX 900 81.82 8

4 James Pryer Santa Ana, CA 655 59.55 6

4 Jacob Wyatt Slidell, LA 655 59.55 3

5 Hanna Ingerson Shreveport, LA 605 55.00 4

6 Ariel Brookbank Overland Park, KS 580 52.73 5

Individual Tournament Results

1st - Colin Knoth, James River, MO

2nd - Jacob Wyatt, Slidell, LA

3rd - James Pryer, Santa Anna, CA