2001 Greater Midwest Classic March 2001

by cheryl matejka Results from the Greater Midwest Bible Quiz Tournament held on March 2 & 3rd in St. Charles, MO

Christian Chapel, Tulsa, OK and Calvary AG, Dunwoody, GA successfully defended their 'A' and 'B' titles, respectively at the 2001 (and 24th annual) Greater Midwest BQ tournament.

On the A level, in a tight race for the top 4, Christian Chapel, Tulsa, with a record of 10-2 took first place on the A level. Living Waters Chapel from Lebanon, PA was a close second, also with record of 10-2 (tie broken by head to head). Minier Assembly, Minier IL came in 3rd with a record of 9-3 and Kings Chapel, Springfield, MO came in 4th.

On the B level, Calvary AG, Dunwoody, GA placed a strong 1st with a record of 13-1. Newcomers Lexington, KY placed second, Christian Chapel, Columbia, MO placed third and Kings Chapel, Springfield placed fourth, all with 9-5 records (tie broken by total points).

On an individual level for A, the top 10 quizzers were as follows:

1. Caleb Booth, Tulsa, OK 1,410 points

2. Aaron Kohler, Lebanon, PA 1,380

3. Kendi Beyer, Oskaloosa, IA 1,300

4. Richard Fair, Springfield,MO 1,060

5. April Pryor, Fort Worth, TX 925

6. Andrew Davidhizer, Elkhart, IN 815

7. Eric Hernando, Springfield, MO 760

8. Jeremy White, Lexington, KY 735

9. Brandon Porter, Dunwoody, GA 720

10. Mark Whitehead, West Lafayette, IN 715

The top 16 individuals competed in a one on one tourney on Saturday. Frank Fortunato, Dunwoody GA seeded 16th beat out Kendi Beyer seeded 3rd in the finals to take first place.

Individual results for B level were as follows:

1. Gina Fortunato, Dunwoody, GA 1,370 points

2. Tony Rook, Dunwoody, GA 1,290

3. Kendra White, Lexington, KY 1,080

4. Nathan Keathley, Columbia, MO 1,035

5. Robert Whitis, Springfield, MO 860

6. Kammie Sands, Springfield, MO 725

7. Ryan Elam, Lexington, KY 600

8. Tiffany Auiler, Springfield, MO 475

9. Kara Laufenburger, Lexington, KY 430

10. Jay Summers, COlubmia, MO 425

The top 12 individuals on B also competed in a one on one tourney on Saturday. Gina Fortunato, Dunwoody, GA seeded first, beat out her own teammate Tony Rook, seeded second for the first place title.

Question writers Bob Hong (A level) and John Hunter (B level) did a great job and all teams had a great endurance building weekend!