Greater Midwest Tournament Results March 1999

by Cheryl Matejka The State of Pennsylvania does it again (but for the first time in several years, its not Allison Park in first)! Sarver PA wins the Greater Midwest Tournament

The Greater MidWest Bible Quiz Tournament was held March 5,6 in St. Charles, Missouri. The results were as follows:

A division results:

1st Sarver PA 15-1 record

2nd Kings Chapel, Spfld, MO 14-2

3rd Allison Park, PA 13-3

4th Oskaloosa, IA 13-3 (tie broken by head to head)

Top 10 individuals:

1. Jim Fenton Allison Park 1925 pts

2. Caleb Booth Tulsa OK 1770 pts

3. Eric Hernando Spfld MO 1595 pts

4. Krisha Beyer Oskaloosa IA 1585 pts

5. Nathan Watkins Sarver, PA 1495 pts

6. Joey Bohanon Spfld, MO 1455 pts

7. Kendi Beyer Oskaloosa IA 1345 pts

8. David Pafford Kokomo, IN 1135 pts

9. Corrie Brown Allison Park 1020 pts

10. Cindy Rodman Elkhart, IN 990 pts

B Division

1. Christian Chapel Tulsa, OK 9-1 record

2. Calvary AG, Elkhart, IN-C 7-3

3. First AG, Crawfordsville, IN 7-3 (tie broken by head to head)


1. Bryan Batchelder, Tulsa OK 530 pts

2. Charissa Maust, Elkhart IN 520 pts

3. Chandler Zachary, Crawfordsville, IN 500 pts

4. James Fowles, Elkhart, IN 490 pts

5. Ryan Steadley, Tulsa, OK 400 pts

B one-on-one results

1st Chandler Zachary Crawfordsville, IN

2nd Ryan Steadley Tulsa OK

Next years tourney date is March 3 & 4!!


Cheryl Matejka