Trinity Gold Cup Results October 1998

by Greg House The 1998 Dallas-Fort Worth Gold Cup tournament (October 23-24) was a smashing success. More than 34 teams from seven different states were in attendance for the two-day event, which boasted a two-bracket 80-quizzer one-on-one tournament, and an eight-round team placement tournament, followed by a four-flight sudden-death team championship. Listening to the comments from other teams, and having members of our own team who have attended for the past nine years, it was clear to everyone that this tournament has set a new standard for quality, hospitality, spiritual emphasis, and all-around fun. This seamless implementation of what every other tournament hopes to be was no accident. At the helm of the festivities was a new set of coordinators (Dave and Paula Hix of Trinity Church) who looked to their own goals for Bible Quiz (spiritual growth, fellowship, and Christian competition) when making plans for the Gold Cup.

Extensive preparations and attention to detail made team registration and planning simple, and the accomodations were top flight for a very reasonable price. Greeters met teams at the doors and directed them to the appropriate locations for quizzing, and exhaustive team packets answered every question before it could be asked.

On Friday night more than 80 quizzers were able to compete in a one-on-one competition that finished in three hours (a record I believe). Saturday began with a worship service and human video presentation from last year's Fine Arts Festival national champion. The team packets were so well organized that the actual orientation lasted about 12 minutes. Because the tournament lasts for about 12 hours on Saturday (for those who make it to the team finals), bags of healthy snacks were given to each team to help keep up energy levels throughout the day. The event went so smoothly that when they told us they were going to mail out the final results to everyone I actually believed them (this may also be a first). Paula and Dave were consummate hosts in the highest southern tradition, not only making everyone feel welcome, but making themselves available throughout the two-day event to quickly smooth over those little tournament "bumps" that can so often drag down a competition and destroy the schedule and spirit of the event. I know that everyone who attended will join with me in thanking Dave and Paula for their hospitality and generous spirit.

As for the results, the following is what I gathered from the awards ceremony (my apologies to those who lasts names were missed), and a full update will be found for the tournament once the new Tournament Results section is up on this website.



#1 Orange A/G, Orange, CA 11 - 0 2955 268.64

#2 Mountain View A/G, Las Vegas 7 - 4 1300 162.50

#3 Harvest A/G, Forth Worth, TX 8 - 2 1490 186.25

#4 First A/G, Shreveport, LA 6 - 4 825 103.13

Note: Wins and Losses from the opening 8 rounds determine places in playoff, and then single-elimination determines the winners from there, so wins and losses don't always match up



#1 Kent Piacenti Orange A/G 1110 138.75

#2 Dayla Shorter Harvest A/G 880 110.00

#3 Valerie Marchalonis Mountain View A/G 875 109.38

#4 Caleb Booth Christian Chapel 715 89.38

#5 Ricky Haney Orange A/G 570 71.88

#6 Bill Dugas 455 56.87

Hannah Duncan King's Chapel 455 56.87

Kristin Herdejurgen Green's Bayou 455 56.87

#9 Eric Hernando King's Chapel 400 50.00

#10 David Dorey Orange A/G 390 48.75

Stephanie Nannerone 390 48.75