Emerald Coast Classic Results March 1999

by Linda Beiler We did a straight round robin competition beginning at 8:00 AM Saturday morning. We tried something that I haven't done before. Because of the amount of teams (13)I limited the rounds to 30 minutes and allowed only three contests per team per round. There were no complaints given concerning this format and all were willing to have the same format next year. We had a bell system that would indicate the close of the rounds and then the beginning of a round. There was only one match that did not complete their whole match in one round.

This was my sixth year hosting the Emerald Coast Classic and I believe it was the smoothest that we have had. I praise the Lord for the opportunity to host this invitational enabling young people to sharpen their skills in preparation for District and Regional Finals.


There was a three-way tie for First Place that was finally decided as follows:

1. First A/G of Ocala, FL 11/1 2,220 pts

2. First A/G of Ft. Myers, FL #1 11/1 1,855

3. Cornerstone A/G, Fremont, NC 11/1 1,695

4. Oak Cliff A/G, Dallas, TX 8/4 975

5. Brownsville A/G, Pensacola, FL 7/5 1,005

6. Southside A/G, Jackson, MS 7/5 765

7. Bethany, Logansville, GA 6/6 480

8. First A/G, Niceville, FL 5/7 270

9. First A/G, Ft. Myers, FL #2 5/7 240

10. First A/G, Ft. Myers, FL #3 3/9 230

11. First A/G, Valparaiso, FL 2/10 70

12. First A/G, Ft. Myers, FL #4 2/10 40

13. Day Spring A/G, Rome, GA 1/11 60

Individual Results:

1. Len Blackson of Ocala, FL (First A/G) 1,235 pts.

2. Shane Welborn of Ft. Myers, FL ((First A/G) 860

3. Brandon Blankenship of Ft. Myers, FL (First A/G) 790

4. Jennifer Dunn of Fremont, NC (Cornerstone A/G) 780

5. Charity Daniel of Fremont, NC (Cornerstone A/G) 735

6. Katie Shephard of Ocala, FL (First A/G) 665

7. Justin Ades of Jackson, MS (Southside A/G) 660

8. Laura Smith of Pensacola, FL (Brownsville A/G) 650

9. Michael Pearson of Dallas, TX (Oak Cliff A/G) 450

10. Kevin Davis of Dallas, TX (Oak Cliff A/G) 410

Linda Beiler

West FL Dist. Coordinator