Dallas Tournament Results April, 2000

by Aaron Collins Teams

1. Adat Yeshua 8-1 (10-1) 188.3 avg

(Won both double elimination playoff rounds)

2. Trinity Church, Cedar Hill, Tx 9-0 (10-2) 192.2 avg

3. Abundant Life, Grapevine, Tx 7-2 156.6 avg

Teen one-on-one

1. Dan Marlow, Adat Yeshua

2. David Womelsdorf, Trinity Church

3. Stephanie Nannarone, Abundant Live

Individual High Scorers

1. Dan Marlow, Adat Yeshua 129.4 (avg)

2. David Womelsdorf, Trinity Church 89.4

3. Sharon Ely, Abundant Life 82.2

Adult One-on-one

1. Aaron Collins

2. John Sullivan

3. Steven Starr

4. Dayla Shorter

Adult vs. Teen competition


Aaron Collins

John Sullivan - 210

Steven Starr


Dan Marlow

David Womelsdorf - 55

Sharon Ely

A special thanks goes out to Kent Piacenti for the wonderful job he did coordinating the Adult tournament upon short notice.

Congratulations to question writer Steven Starr for excellent, National level questions and for only having 2 questions ruled invalid throughout the entire tournament.