Buckeye Invitational Results November 1998

by Robert Carter Beating the oncoming blizzard headed directly for northern Ohio became a bit more important than beating buzzers of opposing quizzers, but nontheless an assortment of teams did just that at the 1999 Buckeye Invitational. In order to avoid the oncoming storm, tournament coordinators skipped the final awards ceremony and the full rundown of results. Here's the top teams and individuals in each division:


  1. Allison Park A/G #1, Allison Park PA (6-0)
  2. Alpha A/G, Clarion PA (5-1)
  3. First A/G, Elkhart IN (4-2)
  4. Allison Park A/G #2, Allison Park PA (3-3)


  1. Jim Fenton
  2. Jaron Burnworth
  3. Kim Slabaugh
  4. Jeff Parks
  5. Amy Hise


  1. First A/G, Crawfordsville IN (5-0)
  2. King's Chapel A/G, Springfield MO(4-1)
  3. Niagara Falls NY (3-2)


  1. Eric Hernando
  2. Jesse Spencer
  3. Andrew Corn
  4. Hannah Duncan
  5. Jeremiah Maring