2003 Southwest Regional Finals

May, 2003

by Kim McCullough

Southwest Regional finals were held this year in the Northern California-Nevada District and were hosted by Pastor Tom and Robin VanKempen at Mountain View Assembly of God, Las Vegas, Nevada. Seven teams attended the competition and a double round robin was held to determine placement. The results are as follows:



1 Orange Hills A/G 12 0

2 Briargate, Colorado Springs, CO 10 2

3 Red Mountain Christian Center, AZ 8 4

4 Two Rivers - Greely, CO 5 7

5 Orange County Worship Center 4 8

6 Blue Mountain Christian Center, CA 2 10

7 Phoenix First, Phoenix, AZ 1 11



1 Mary Pace Church at Briargate

2 David Dorey Orange Hills A/G

3 Peter Brown Orange Hills A/G

4 Mariana Shenoda Orange Hills A/G

5 Micah Alan Van Gorp Two Rivers

6 Brandyn Shepherd Red Mountain Christian Center

7 Trevor Eastin Red Mountain Christian Center

8 Molly Pace Church at Briargate

9 Jonathan Falkey Orange County Worship Center

10 Ashley Mefford Church at Briargate

11 Cameron Eastin Red Mountain Christian Center

12 Katie Kuroishi Orange County Worship Center

13 Kari Beth Van Gorp Two Rivers

14 James Pryer Orange County Worship Center

15 Faith Elise Van Gorp Two Rivers

16 Kenny Madsen Blue Mountain Christian Center

17 Becky Comstock Blue Mountain Christian Center

18 Michelle Stevens Church at Briargate

19 Krista Lyman Phoenix First

20 Gabby Geesey Red Mountain Christian Center

21 Travis Osugi Red Mountain Christian Center

22 Austin Glenn Phoenix First

23 Ryan Osugi Red Mountain Christian Center

24 Tiffany Hendrix Phoenix First

25 Brooklyn ElFattal Blue Mountain Christian Center