2001 Southwest Regional Finals

May, 2001

by Greg House

Overall it was a less than exciting year in the Southwest Region with the lowest team turnout in over a decade. Only 6 teams attended, so only 1 had to stay home when the dust cleared. The region finals format was a triple round robin. The only excitement came with the top two spots. In previous play Briargate and Orange Hills had each beaten the other once in the last two tournaments they attended. When Briargate beat Orange at Houston, Orange ended up with a better record. It was the complete opposite at Viva Las Vegas, with Orange Hills winning the game and losing the tournament to Briargate.

In the first round robin, Briargate won by 55 points. In the second round robin, Orange won by 35 points. Then Orange made some critical mistakes and lost to Santa Ana, forcing them to beat Briargate just to have a tie. In the final round robin the game ended in a tie and the third chair from Briargate nailed the overtime 10 to win it. This was the first Regional Championship for Colorado Springs, and one very well deserved.

Team Name Win/Loss Points Average

Co Springs Briargate 14-1 2845 189.67

Orange Hills 12-3 2720 181.33

Santa Ana 10-5 2070 138.00

Fort Collins, CO 4-11 635 42.33

Peoria HarvesTime 5-10 715 47.67

Sierra Vista First 0-15 290 19.33

Name Team Points Average

Jordan Schneider Briargate 1580 105.30

Ricky Haney Orange Hills 1375 91.67

Mary Pace Briargate 1125 75.00

Michael Shinoda Santa Ana 1125 75.00

David Dorey Orange Hills 775 51.67

Moneer Shinoda Santa Ana 585 39.00

Chris Hoklotubbe Orange Hills 570 38.00

RaVae Walter Fort Collins 430 28.67