2003 North Central Regionals

May 2003

by Don Jones

Here are the results of the North Central Regional Quiz Meet held May 9 & 10, 2003 at Cedar Valley Church in Bloomington, Minnesota.


1. Central A/G, Superior, WI 10-1 2270 206

2. Fond du Lac, WI A/G 10-1 2175 198

3. First A/G, Ames, WI 9-2 1955 178

4. Milaca, MN A/G 7-4 1210 110

5. First A/G, Cedar Rapids, IA 7-4 1595 145

6. Watford City, ND A/G 7-4 1170 106

7. Good News A/G, St. Cloud, MN 5-6 1235 112

8. New Life A/G, Ellendale, ND 4-7 925 84

9. Fox Valley C F, Kimberly, WI 4-7 685 62

10. Glad Tidings A/G. Omaha, NE 2-9 675 61

11. First A/G, Aberdeen, SD 1-10 120 11

12. First A/G. Huron, SD 0-11 155 14

With record like this, of course we had playoffs. Boy, did we have playoffs!

With records of 10-1, Superior, WI and Fond du Lac, WI had a one game playoff for first place in the region. Superior ended up winning the quiz by 155-20 to claim their second straight Regional Title.

The real fun started with a three-team playoff for 4th, 5th and 6th place between Cedar Rapids, IA, Milaca, MN, and Watford City, ND. The first match was between Milaca and Watford City. Milaca prevailed in this match 145-65. Then in the second playoff game Milaca also defeated Cedar Rapids to claim 4th place 170-80. The results here mirrored the round robin, as Milaca had defeated both of these teams previously in the round robin quizzes. This brought Watford City back into the game as they now got a chance to play Cedar Rapids for 5th place in the Region. Cedar Rapids started strong, hitting the first four questions to take a 70-0 lead. However, Watford City did not quit, and came back. By question 19 they had come all the way back to claim a 20 point lead with one question left. But Cedar Rapids took the last question with 10 bonus points for the quizout to force a tie. This left a one-question winner take all overtime question for the last place at Nationals. Cedar Rapids prevailed in the overtime to claim a 140-125 win, and 5th place in the Region.


1. Bekah Regenfus Ames, IA 1325 120

2. Tyler Turnage Fond du Lac, WI 1225 111

3. Logan Newman Superior, WI 1125 102

4. John (Bobby) DeGray Milaca, Mn 990 90

5. Hannah Meyer Superior, WI 950 86

6. Alicia Morken Watford City, ND 875 80

7. Rachel May Cedar Rapids, IA 860 78

8. Zachary Schaalma Fond Du Lac, WI 815 74

9. Teresa Henderson St. Cloud, MN 675 61

10. Crystal Pilcher Ames, IA 600 55

Good Luck to those qualifying for the National Finals in Houston, Texas.