Gulf Regional Finals

May 1999

by David Hatley/Greg House

The Gulf Region Bible Quiz Finals were held May 14-15 at Raleigh A/G in Memphis, TN. Currently available results were as follows:


Rank Team Win-Loss

#1 Central A/G, Springfield, MO 8-0

#2 King's Chapel, Springfield, MO 7-1

#3 Southside A/G, Jackson, MS 6-2


Rank Quizzer Team

#1 Joey Bohanon Central A/G, Springfield, MO

#2 Richard Fair Mountain Home, Arkansas

#3 Justin Aides Southside A/G, Jackson, MS

#4 Megan Pincombe Central A/G, Springfield, MO

#5 Eric Hernando King's Chapel A/G, Springfield, MO

#6 Hannah Duncan King's Chapel A/G, Springfield, MO

More results will be posted as they are made available.