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The majority of the memories may be viewed on our Grand Central page. Two of the videos require some explanation.

The Match of Death began in 2010. That year, the East-West quiz had been eliminated and an "underground" one was organized as a best two out of three. Two sets were taken from writer Richard Ely, and one set, full of extra hard questions was written by Richard Fair and Joey Bohanon. James Lex answered the last question of his career by giving 1 Corinthians 13 in 30 seconds. The following year, more questions were added, some new introductory remarks were coined and some questions were given more than 30 seconds to answer. The most memorable answer was Abby Rogers giving all 262 references for Jesus in about 4 minutes. This year, Greg House and Joey Bohanon wrote 40 questions that were challenging and funny. One of them required a quizzer to solve a quadratic equation to answer, and another was read "Jeopardy" style, where the answer was read and quizzers could interrupt, finish the answer, then give the question. In addition, to celebrate 50 years of Bible Quiz, history questions were asked. The set may be seen here.

In the final round of the individual tournament, Daniel Wagner hit a question and was asked to give all of Hebrews 1 in 30 seconds. He was several verses away when time went off and shouted "That's not possible!" Following this, individual tournament coordinator Bryan Turner made a ruling that it was impossible and Daniel would be reinstated. The rest of the day, we heard rumors of some quizzers who were able to do it. Before the Match of Death, we decided to put this to the test, asking Joshua George to attempt it, which he did, successfully.