Nationals 2001

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Photos of the teams may be found by first selecting the region on the participants page then clicking the camera icon next to the team. We currently have only one written account, from Dan Marlow of Topeka, KS. If you would like to write a memory page, please e-mail

Below is a video recorded by Aaron Collins of the final round of the individual tournament. Quizzers from left to right are: Dan Marlow, Ricky Haney, Ryan Skolrud and Jessica Neilson. At the 1:30 mark, the camera pans around the room. The officials in the room were Greg House (QM), Don Whitehead (Judge) and Chris Scarborough (Judge). Spectators include Jenny Dworzak and Natalie Asahara from Bothell, statistician Robert Carter, April and Amanda Pryor from Fossil Creek and Katie Whitehead from West Lafayette. There are some gaps in the video.