West Florida Results April 2000

by Linda Beiler

Brownsville Assembly of Pensacola, FL went undefeated at the West Florida District Finals held in Panama City. In their last round they were challenged so that the last question determined the undefeated record for them. Navarre Assembly, a first year team, placed second, with Panama City First close behind.

Team Results:

1. Brownsville A/G, Pensacola 3-0

2. Navarre A/G, Navarre 2-1

3. First A/G, Panama City 1-2

4. Niceville A/G, Niceville 0-3

Individual Results:

1. Sarah Roberts Brownsville 320

2. Laura Smith Brownsville 155

3. David Grubbs Navarre 125

4. Ashley Grubbs Navarre 95

James Fry Panama City 95

6. Stephanie Santiago Niceville 90