Southern Idaho District Finals April 1999

by Ron Phillips

The Southern Idaho District Bible Quiz Finals were held on Friday and Saturday, April 16-17 at Meridian Assembly of God. The results were as follows:

A-Division Teams

1- Meridian Assembly 14-0

2- Mt. Home Assembly 11-3

3- Christian Faith, Nampa 10-4

Top Quizzers:

1. Marla Porter, Mt. Home Assembly

2. Chandra Porter Mt. Home Assembly

3. Kevin Gillatt, Christian Faith

4. Jon Pon, Meridian

Jennifer Pon, Meridian

5. Wendy Mercer, Merridian

6. Michelle Larrabee, Mt. Home

7. Laura Brothers, Kuna,

8. Andrea Bunnis, Mt. Home

9. Will Jensen, Meridian

Daniel Wight, Fruitlan

10.Cathy Wood, Fruitland