2001 Southern California District Finals April, 2001

by Greg House

On Saturday, April 7th we held the Southern California District Finals at Newport Mesa Christian Center in Costa Mesa, CA. More interesting than the results was the fact that Mel Aou completed a 15-peat. Since 1987 Mel has either been a quizzer or coach on the past 15 District Championship teams in Southern California. That's pretty amazing. If you want to congratulate him, send him an e-mail at MSAOU@aol.com.

Now for the more depressing part. At the end of Luke our district only had 2 eligible teams in the A-Division. Santa Ana combined their teams into one and Corona is a Friends Church. We do have three other divisions, but none of them move on to Regional Finals. However, Santa Ana and Orange Hills battled it out for first and second. After the dust (or pew mites) cleared, the results were as follows. Sorry, but they are mailing out the point totals, so I only heard the positions.


Team Wins Losses

Orange Hills 3 0

Santa Ana 0 3


Rank Individual Team

1 Ricky Haney Orange Hills

2 David Dorey Orange Hills

3 Chris Hoklotubbe Orange Hills

4 Moneer Shinoda Santa Ana

5 Katie Kuroishi Santa Ana

6 Mariana Shinoda Santa Ana

7 Jonathan Falkey Santa Ana

8 Michael Shinoda Santa Ana