Ohio District Results April 2000

by Greg Glodkowski

The Ohio District State Finals came down to the last match on April 15, 2000. Toledo, Calvary A/G and Chesterland, Chester Christian Center A/G entered the final match of the day both undefeated. The match had many great highlights including a buzzer box malfunction on the 18th question. Chesterland came out on top this time with a 145-120 score. Chesterland repeats as state champions for the second year in a row. Chesterland, Toledo and Galion, CrossWay A/G will represent Ohio at the Great Lakes Regional in Toledo on June 16 and 17. Galion finished with a 4-2 record to make their first ever Regional appearance.

In the B Division, Louisville First A/G ran away with an undefeated 5-0 mark to claim a Regionals berth. Second place came down to a playoff between Port Clinton Erie Shores A/G and Mansfield First A/G, who both ended with a 3-2 mark. In the playoff match, Mansfield First came back from a 70 point deficit to win second place at the District Finals.

A Division

1. Chesterland, CCC A/G 6-0 1340 pts. 223.3 avg.

2. Toledo, Calvary A/G 5-1 1410 pts. 235.0 avg.

3. Galion, CrossWay A/G 4-2 530 pts. 88.3 avg.


1. Amy Hise Chesterland 800 pts. 133.3 avg.

2. Bryce Steel Toledo 605 pts. 100.8 avg.

3. David Munn Toledo 540 pts. 90.0 avg.

4. Amber Hise Chesterland 530 pts. 88.3 avg.

5. Megan Barth Galion 510 pts. 85.0 avg.

B Division

1. Louisville, First A/G 5-0 965 pts. 193.0 avg.

2. Mansfield, First A/G 3-2* 315 pts. 63.0 avg.

3. Port Clinton, ES A/G 3-2 405 pts. 81.0 avg.

*Won the playoff for second


1. Steve Hill Louisville 390 pts. 78.0 avg.

2. Nathan Deem Louisville 325 pts. 65.0 avg.

3. Justin Stentz Mansfield 255 pts. 51.0 avg.

4. Kurt Halter Louisville 230 pts. 46.0 avg.

5. Renee Helms Parma 220 pts. 44.0 avg.