North Carolina District Finals 2007-2008 April 2008

by Mitchell Smith

A Division District Finals 2008

A Division

Team Name Points Wins Losses

Raleigh 680 3 0

Lexington 180 2 1

Burlington 175 1 2

Greensboro 45 0 3

A Division Individuals

Last First

Name Name Team Name Total Points

Dockery Rachel Raleigh A 330

Taylor Jeremy Raleigh A 210

Richmeier Gabrielle Lexington 185

Shankle Lacey Raleigh A 150

Munoz Nancy Burlington 140

Smith Chris Greensboro 40

Munoz Yessenia Burlington 35

Wolter Joey Greensboro 5

Novice Division

Last First

Name Name Team Name Total Points

Coleman Brian Raleigh Novice 145

Shankle Chris Raleigh Novice 30

Apple James Raleigh Novice 5

Johnson Cassie Raleigh Novice 0

Note - since there was only one Novice team, they quizzed against the A Division teams over Novice question sets. The A division teams received no points when quizzing the Novice team, however the Novice quizzers were awarded the points they earned individually for those matches.