Kansas State/District Finals April, 2002

by Aaron Collins for Pete MacKinney

1st place both divisions Galena, undefeated!

2nd place both divisions Wichita Bethel Life Center.

3rd place both divisions Chanute Living Word.

4th place both divisions Wichita Evangel.

In the A-division we ended round robin play with a 3 way tie for second with only 2 losses each. With 3 teams qualifying for regionals we had to have a play off. Evangel scored well but will have to gear up for next year in their pursuit of regionals! Top Individual average Points Per Quiz follow.

A Top 5 B

1.Adam Gouge 130 PPQ 1.Christine McKibben 126 PPQ

2.Sasha Hosfelt 107 PPQ 2.Taylor Eisenhauer 98 PPQ

3.Whitney Klaassen 90 PPQ 3.Emily Siegel 84 PPQ

4.Page Riddle 69 PPQ 4.Emily Oakley 40 PPQ

5.B.J. Thome 67 PPQ 5.Hannah Knox 37 PPQ