Indiana District Finals April 1999

by Jesse Spencer

It was a really good State Finals weekend there was a lot of good quizzing and fellowship during the tournament. The one thing that was really neat about this Final was that the top teams were fairly equal in ability so some of the times pure scripture knowlege was outdone by keeping your head. The results are as follows. The top 4 teams advance to the Great Lakes Regionals on June 18 and 19 in Elkhart, Indiana.

Teams (A) Win/Loss

1. West Lafayette, In. 9-1*

2. Kokomo, In. 9-1

3. Crawfordsville, In. 8-2

4. Elkhart-B, In. 7-3*

5. Elkhart-A, In. 7-3

*Won the playoff for first place against Kokomo.

*Won the playoff for fourth place against Elkhart-A and also clinched the last spot in qualifying for the Great Lakes Regional.


1. David Pafford, Kokomo First

2. David Whitehead, West Lafayette

3. Mark Whitehead, West Lafayette

4. Jesse Spencer, Crawfordsville

5. Andrew Corn, Crawfordsville

(tie) Cindy Rodman, Elkhart-B

The B League Teams Wins\Losses

1. Lafayette First, In. 7-0

2. Crawfordsville-B, In. 5-2*

3. Greencastle First, In. 5-2

4. Portage First, In. 4-3

*Awarded second because they had more points than Greencastle.

(I dont know the individuals in B but if i get any info i will send it to ya. God Bless.)