League Meets

For information on League Meet dates, locations, and schedules, join the Georgia Bible Quiz Facebook group.

For a breakdown of what chapters each meet will cover, go to the Material Breakdown page.


Prepare your team for competition by getting practice questions. Go to BibleQuiz.com/questions for a list of questions to download or purchase.

What is Bible Quiz?

Bible Quiz is a discipleship ministry geared for teens in 6th through 12th grade. Each year a different book or books of the New Testament are memorized by students. Several times during the year students attend meets within their district in order to test their ability to memorize and understand God’s Word. District and Regional meets take place in the Spring of each year with the top teams advancing to Nationals. Each year thousands of dollars in scholarships are awarded to students for their hard work.

How to Start Your Team

1. Contact the Coordinator
The best way to get started is to contact Doug Black, the district Bible Quiz coordinator for Georgia. He will help you start your Bible Quiz Discipleship Ministry and answer all your questions!

2. Join the Georgia Bible Quiz Facebook Group
Connect with parents, coaches, and quizzers across the state of Georgia, all with the same passion of connecting students with God’s Word!

Stay up-to-date with schedule changes, get results from meets, and ask questions!

There’s also a National Bible Quiz Facebook Group you should join!

3. Attend the Georgia Bible Quiz Retreat
After speaking with Doug, you will need to attend training at the Bible Quiz Retreat. You will learn everything you need to know about getting started, such as how to recruit leaders and quizzers, set and reach goals, promote your ministry, register your team, and more.

For more information, email Doug Black.

We need a photo from Bible Quiz Georgia here!

4. Purchase Materials
You’ll need questions and probably some other resources (e.g. quiz sets, software, etc.) to start your team. If you’re not sure what you need, email Doug Black.

Any Questions?

Doug Black is here to help!