League Meet breakdown for the Hebrews, Peter, and Jude Bible Quiz season.

MeetAMSQExperience (XP)
League Meet 1Heb. 1–7Heb. 1–6Heb. 1-2
League Meet 2Heb. 8–11Heb. 7–9Heb. 7-8
League Meet 3Heb. 12–1 Peter 2Heb. 10–11Heb. 11
League Meet 41 Peter 3–JudeHeb. 12–13Heb. 12
League Meet 5Hebrews–JudeHebrews
TOTAL494 verses303 verses142 verses

For the A and Middle School divisions at League Meets 2-4, five questions each set will be from material at previous League Meets.

A League Questions written by James and LaJoie Lex

All 10s will have similar difficulty throughout the entire season. Studying unique words, adjectives, and “of” phrases will give quizzers an advantage. Section title locators will be more common than chapter locators for 10s.

While most questions are designed to be interrupted quickly, Scripture Text Questions are the exception as they may have long lead-ins.

For questions that refer to the writer of Hebrews, we will address him as “the author” (e.g., “How does the author complete the phrase, quote, “Son of”?). Peter and Jude are considered the authors of 1 & 2 Peter and Jude, respectively.

League Competition: Quizzers will need to be able to quote the material and know the references, section titles, and chapter analysis. The answers to 20s will usually be six words or more. Most of the questions will require single-verse answers, but if an answer comes from multiple verses, the length and difficulty will be comparable to single-verse answers. Application Questions will be used for League Meets 1–4 only.

District Finals: Expect to see simple concordance questions begin to be asked. Quizzers who receive the National Memorization Award should be able to find the answers to most of the concordance questions without any special study. Several 20s sets will come from multiple verses, and all 30s will come from multiple verses.

Regional Finals: Expect more difficult question types and some concordance questions that require advance study. Most 20s will come from multiple verses and vary in difficulty. Answers to 30s will come from at least three verses, consecutive or non-consecutive.

National Finals: Mastery of the material will be necessary. Prepare for more difficult question types and more Quotation Questions. Nearly all of the 20s and 30s will come from multiple verses, and concordance questions will require quizzers to have prepared beforehand. 

Middle School Quiz questions written by Jared Hill

League Competition: The Middle School Practice Questions (found on the CD available from My Healthy Church) are a great indicator of what to expect at the League matches. Learning the Middle School Study Questions (found on the Basic 5 CD) is a good place to start, as these questions are found in the League sets (ten questions are in each set at Meet 1, and five questions per set for Meets 2–4). The most difficult answers will be no more than 1 entire verse. Chapter analysis answers will require no more than two- or three-part answers. Two Application questions will be included in each set for Meets 1–4. Every quotation question, all the way to Regionals, will come from marked primary verses only.

District Finals: Moving on to District Finals, many 10- and 20-point questions will increase in difficulty by giving broader information in the introductory remarks. Therefore, you can expect less section titles and more chapters to be given in the introductory remarks. The length of 10-point answers will remain unchanged, while 20-point questions will increase to slightly longer answers. 30-point questions may require answers that span up to 2 verses. Questions that require a quizzer to know references will be introduced in some 30-point questions (most of these references will come from the marked primary verses in the portion).

Regional Finals: The length of 10-point answers will not increase; however, look out for quite a few 10-point questions that do not give a location introductory remark. Answers to many 20-point questions will increase to an entire verse. 30-point answers will increase to 1–3 verses for complete answers and essences questions; quotations will be no longer than 2 verses. A few answers may come from non-consecutive verses. If they do, these answers will be very short and within the same chapter. The most difficult 20- and 30-point questions at Regional Finals will require a thorough knowledge of the chapter analysis. The reference knowledge required will expand to include references of chapter analysis (e.g., “The 21st verse contains which Old Testament Scripture?”).

There will be a few sample sets released partway through the season for District and Regional Finals. These questions will give the best representation of what to expect.