Nationals 2014 Preview

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It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since we all gathered in Chicago, IL to watch 40 teams compete for the national championship, but the 52nd National Finals begin one week from today. This will be my 20th … Read More

Welcome to the new

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Prepare to enjoy a new experience from A New Brand The logo has been simplified to a modest “BQ” and is now consistent across all of’s social media accounts (more on that in a moment.)

Wednesday Preview

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The purpose of this post is to let people know the possible outcomes on Wednesday morning and what it means for the Final Four. At this point, any team with more than 7 losses is mathematically eliminated from contention. Right … Read More

When You Were Young

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In my years of coaching, I’ve been blessed to work with some remarkable young people. In Bible Quiz, typically the rules limit the lower end of this scale to 11-or 12-year olds. On rare occasions, an opportunity arises to work … Read More

Monday Wrap-up

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This is just a quick wrap-up of nationals through Monday night. Results can be found here. Of particular note, is that the two teams I mentioned as “shoe-ins” for the Final Four each have one loss. Right now, James River and … Read More

Nationals Thoughts

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Well, it appears that with Karl and James unable to make it, I am the main link to the world outside the Hyatt Regency this year. I, myself, am getting there at the last minute, flying out early Sunday morning … Read More

Congratulations to the Podcast

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Tim McDaniel has accomplished a remarkable feat. Yesterday he recorded his 200th edition of the Bible Quiz Podcast. Keeping a free resource like that regularly available is no easy task, so he deserves a lot of respect. I’d encourage everyone … Read More

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