Nationals 2013

Bethany Church, Wyckoff, NJ

Head Coach: Mark Girimonte - 2nd time at Nationals as coach (1st time with Hempstead, NY in 1988) Was a quizzer in 1978-79 & 1979-80 (John and Romans). Should I mention that a very young Caryl Hock was the coach for Bethlehem and they took 1st place in the League and our team took 2nd? Has currently coached the A League Team at Bethany for 4 years.

Assistant Coach: Rachael Stewart – currently a high school junior, did not quiz this year, but did quiz on the A league team for the prior three seasons and competed at NE Regionals each of those years. Has placed among Top 10 individual quizzers at Districts each of those years

Tyler Adelmann (Captain) – 10th Grade – 2nd year on A league plus 2 years at MSQ. Placed 3rd at Districts and 5th at Regionals this year. Memorized all 28 chapters – did not earn MMA but probably can do it

Gabriel Flores – 9th Grade – 1st year on A league. Placed 7th at Districts.

Rachel Girimonte – 8th Grade – 1st year on A league plus 1 year at MSQ. Memorized all 28 chapters – did not earn MMA

Alexis Adelmann – 9th Grade – 1st year on A league plus 1 year at MSQ.

Team History
1st time at Nationals – past four years at Regionals – this year 6th at regionals averaging 125 ppg and earning a wild card. Prior three years at Regionals, finished between 7th and 12th places.

Competed at past four Gobblefest tournaments.

Finished in 3rd place at NJ Districts for past 4 years. This year averaged 157 ppg at District Finals.

Most exciting match this season
NE Regionals, Round 4 Win against South Hills… losing by 60 on Question 14, tied going to question 20 and won on last question.

Favorite contest
The contest that never was: In a match at Districts, Coach Mark took a foul to contest a question and we won the contest, which gave us some needed momentum. A couple of questions after that one of our quizzers (not our captain) quizzed out and became inactive. So that created more momentum and excitement for our team. Then a quizzer from the other team got a question correct, and the inactive quizzer very enthusiastically makes a contest. Obviously, he was not allowed to contest and while embarrassing it was kind of funny because he was so sure that he was going to be able to win his contest, but in fact he did not even have a good basis for the contest that never was. Favorite question
God is not what but what? (from 22:32)…because outside of quizzing there are so many possible answers to that question.

Favorite verse from the material
Tyler : 19:26
Gabriel : 12:18-21
Rachel : 17:20
Alexis : 11:28

Tournaments attended this year
Friendship Classic

Best non-quiz related moment this year
August 2012 Penn Del Quiz Camp –I learned that one of my young MSQ quizzers had lost some money due to poor judgment on a bet he made with a quizzer from another church concerning an athletic competition between themselves. So I encountered the other quizzer and inquired about the transaction he had made. Another one of my quizzers was confused because he thought someone had become a “prophet” when really he made a “profit”.

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
Tyler: While I was on a long car trip with my basketball team, I was telling them how I was involved in Bible Quiz. They didn't believe me at first when I said that I had memorized hundreds of verses. So I quoted a few chapters for them.

Gabriel: I told everyone in an elevator at a local supermarket about Bible Quiz. I even did some quoting.