Nationals 2013

New Life A/G, White Cloud, MI

Coach: Donna Pryer. I have been a coach for 8 years. This will be my 8th Nationals as a coach.

Samuel Pryer - 12th grade. This will be his 6th time at Nationals, has his MMA.
David Pryer - 10th grade. This will be his 3rd time at Nationals, has his NMA.
Faith Pryer- 8th grade. This is her 3rd time at Nationals and has her NMA.

Team History
This will be the teams' third year at nationals for the team. They have grown together very well and we will miss Samuel as he graduates this year.

Tournaments attended this year
Friendship Classic
River Classic

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
Fundraisers give our quizzers the opportunity to interact with the community. Many times they are asked to quote or are "quizzed" on the Bible - due to their many years in JBQ and TBQ they usually have great answers.