Nationals 2013

Tacoma Life Center, Tacoma, WA

Rich Nelson - he owns and runs his business Nelson Northwest Builders, father of four children and grandfather of 1 and 1/2 children. He has been a coaching from 1980 to present minus 3 years interruption. His son and his father are both pastors. He has been to nationals 14 times. He participated in the only Bible Quiz documentary that will be released for mass distribution this next year. He taught fourth grade sunday school classes since 1972 to 2011 at Life Center Church in Tacoma. He also did bible quiz as a teenager.

Rachel Dawson has been assistant coach since 1992 to present with a one year break. She was motivated to coach bible quiz as she herself was a teen quizzer for 6 years and life reinforced to her how important it was for Christians to know what the word of God say when hard times happen. She is a family physician, mother of two sons who are or have been in quiz.

Abigail Peterson - 9th grader currently on missions in mexico with several families building homes for the homeless. This is her third year as a Bible quizzer although she did Junior Bible Quiz for a few years as well. She is learning Spanish, is a home schooler and the oldest of six siblings. She has memorized all of Matthew, Hebrews and first 8 chapters of John. She earned her MMA and NMA this year and this is the first year she has gone to nationals and is the first year doing a level quizzing as a teen.

Enrique Yanez is our graduating senior who has done BQ for 5 years. He is bilingual, is a talented artist and writer. He is going to be going to college next year at Seattle Pacific University if God works out the financing. He has memorized all of Matthew. This is his first year at nationals. He plays trombone and piano.

Jacob Yanez is a 10th grader who has done BQ for 5 years, he has memorized Matthew. He plays the trumpet. He is planning on a career in computer design and engineering. This is his first year at nationals. His favorite hobby is paintballing.

Team History
This is the fourteenth appearance for this team at national finals.

Most exciting match this season
The most exciting match this season was against Cedar Park where it came down to the last 10 point question. Actually all matches against Cedar Park are exciting.

Favorite contest (weirdest, most clever, etc)
The one we won against Kent.

Favorite quiz question (weirdest, funniest, etc)
30 point question. What did Jesus reply to Peter's question, quote "What then will there be for us?"

Final question in a match where it was winner take all situation - 10 point question "What crowed?" and we got it.

Favorite verse from the material
Proof Star Trek is feasible - 24:31
Proof that zombies are real - 27:53
Money in perspective - 22:21

22:29 - Jesus rejected the religious leadership of his time and chose 12 ordinary men to be the foundation of his church and the new covenant. God's ways are superior to our ways and thinking. Tournaments attended this year
Northwest Bible Quiz Extravaganza

Favorite non-quiz related moment(s) this year
We all agreed unanimously that our best travel memory related to quizzing was when on the way home from a tournament in Idaho on a sunday morning as per our usual habit we found the nearest Assembly of God church using TomTom and we stopped at a really small church outside of the tricities in Washington. The 10 of us walked into the church and the pastor was at the door greeting us joyously, pumping our hands etc. We made up about 1/3rd of the congregation and at the end of the service the pastor shared with us that they had all prayed together for God to send 10 visitors to their church that Sunday and we were their answer to prayer. They were so encouraged by our presence that they fed us and gave us gifts before letting us go on our way home.

The other funny memory was when JP and Chris reprogramed Rich's TomTom so that the various directions came out in his JP voice and ad libs. The giggling in the background from the other quiz members was so infectious that we laughed for years until it finally broke every time we heard it.

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
Rich has the opportunity to preach to various groups and will take a quizzer to quote from the scripture prior to his message. Jake shared that knowing the word so well helps him counsel his extended family and friends when they are going through hardship. Knowing the word of God has given him courage to stand out in class for Jesus publicly. Enrique uses the Bible themes in his writing. He releases his writings on fan fiction web sites.