Nationals 2013

Vailsburg A/G, Newark, NJ

Dean Chryssovergis second year as a coach, first year at Nationals. As a quizzer, Dean completed the (then) 8-year cycle in New Jersey, culminating with a top 10 individual placement at northeast regional competition.

Trey Sederwall fifth year quizzer (now junior); third year at Nationals - team captain.

Nick DePasquale third year quizzer (now senior); first year at Nationals. Nick placed in the top 10 individual scoring at northeast regional competition. Nick received the NMA National Memorization Award.

Shane Brown second year quizzer (now senior); first year at Nationals. Shane received the Discipleship Award.

Team History
These quizzers were three separate entities one year earlier. Having never quizzed together, they came together for the first time as a team at Bible Quiz camp. After the original name of Two Honks and a Negro was rejected by the coach, team Cheesers and Shavers team was formed.

Team Cheesers and Shavers are the 2012-13 New Jersey State Champions. (watch the match here)

Team Cheesers and Shavers are attending National Level competition for the first time. With two seniors, the team regrets having but this first and only year.