Nationals 2013

Cedar Park Church "Loosed on Earth", Bothell, WA

Heather Karnes (head coach): This is Heather’s third year coaching for Cedar Park and second year serving as a head coach at Nationals (she served as an assistant for the team in 2011). Last year, her team finished 10th in the Challenger division. A former quizzer, Heather quizzed for six years and made five trips to National Finals (thus, cumulatively, this is her eighth year at Nationals).

Bonnie Karnes (assistant coach): Bonnie has been coaching, officiating, and coordinating for Cedar Park wherever needed off and on for the past nine years. She has officiated twice at Nationals, and this will be her third year coaching at Nationals (she served as an assistant coach for the team last year and was an assistant for Cedar Park’s “Eternal Mystery” team in 2006).

André Nicolov: André has been quizzing for 6 years, and this is his third year at National Finals. He is in 10th grade and has memorized the Gospel of Matthew.

EJ Olsen: EJ has been quizzing for 3 years, and this is his second year at National Finals. He is in 9th grade and received the NMA.

Jacob Schumacher: Jacob has been quizzing for 3 years, and this is his second year at National Finals. He is in 9th grade and received the NMA and MMA.

Samuel Schumacher: Samuel has been quizzing for 3 years, and this is his second year at National Finals. He is in 11th grade and received the NMA.

Team History
Cedar Park Assembly from Bothell, WA has made significant contributions to National Finals over the years. This year, we will continue our record for the most teams a church has sent consecutively to Nationals with 16 appearances (every Nationals since 1998) and 21 teams. Cedar Park also holds the record for the most consecutive 2nd place finishes with four from 2006-2009.

Most exciting match this season
The team unanimously chose our matches against Bellevue at both Districts and Regionals. For both competitions, we played a round-robin for seeding at the beginning of the day. The top four and bottom four teams then played a round robin during the second half of the day. Going into our matches with Bellevue during the second round robin both times, we needed to win the match in order to tie them for second place. In BOTH matches, we needed the last question in order to win. At Districts, Damon turned over the last 10, and EJ grabbed it for a quiz-out. At Regionals, Jacob nabbed the last question for a quiz-out, and we won. In the end for both tournaments, we tied Bellevue. At Districts, we won the point tie, and at Regionals, we lost it. The matches were nail-biters.

Favorite contest (weirdest, most clever, etc)
At Pre-Nationals, we decided to do a 30 question match with all three teams pitted against each other in what felt like a replica of the Senior Shoot-Out. It had been a very long day (and week), and everyone on the team was feeling a little punchy. On question 26, someone hit a quotation completion question and nailed it. EJ promptly called a contest. Flabbergasted, his teammates asked what he was thinking. He pointed out that it is entirely illegal to ask a quotation or essence completion question after question 17 per page 14 of the rules, point number 5 under Quotation Completion Questions. Given that we were on question 26, we had a pretty solid contest. Unfortunately, the officials, not sharing our preposterous mood, denied it.

Favorite quiz question (weirdest, funniest, etc)
Question number 4 for 10 points. From the section titled “Jesus Calms the Storm.”
What was sleeping?
8:24 Suddenly a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping.

After we had a good laugh over the apparent plurality of Jesus, we applauded Kent for his consistency with interrogative pronouns. (It would be silly, after all, to call “a Jesus” a “Who.”)

Another favorite that has come up consistently throughout the year comes from chapter 22:
10 Points. Give a Complete Answer.
Finally what happened?
22:27 Finally, the woman died.
Obviously, on a team of all boys, this gets a pretty hardy laugh ever time.

Favorite verse from the material
Our team verse: 16:19 “I will you the give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

Tournaments attended this year
Northwest Bible Quiz Extravaganza
River Classic

Favorite non-quiz related moment(s) this year
We decided to take a team picture for this bio in front of a swing set a few minutes away from our study retreat location. After laboriously posing the picture with all six team members on the swing set (two on “big people” swings and two on toddler swings), EJ decided that he would attempt to fit all the way into the toddler swing. Let’s just say it was a bad idea. Twenty minutes, a spare wheelchair, a leopard-print blanket, some shimmying, and five teammates later, a pants-less EJ emerged, rather unharmed and doubled over in hysterical laughter. Surprisingly, none of our fellow park-goers said a word about the incident despite the uproarious laughter emanating from the playground.

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
Our team decided to pursue the Discipleship Award together. In meeting the outreach requirement, the team was able to use the verses they’ve memorized in conversation with non-Christians. Also, it’s always fruitful to see how the verses they’ve memorized inform conversation about both biblical and non-biblical topics.