Nationals 2013

Cedar Park Church "The A Team", Bothell, WA

Coaches: head coach Kari Brodin; assistant coach Kristi Brodin

Kari is a former national champion and has coached Teen Bible Quiz for 14 years, coaching teams to Nationals in 1983, 1985, and consecutively from 2004-present. Kristi has assisted each year since 2004.

All three earned the Master Memorization Award

Adi Purohith: has quizzed for 6 years, and this is his fourth Nationals. His highest team finish was fourth place in 2010.

Ani Purohith: has quizzed for 6 years, and this is his fourth Nationals. His highest team finish was fourth place in 2010.

Last year both Adi and Ani quizzed for Mountain View Assembly in Spokane, WA, and as a two-man team placed 15th in the Championship bracket at Nationals.

Abby Rogers: has quizzed for 5 years, and this is her fifth Nationals. Prior to this year she quizzed with Wesley Chapel (Florida) Victorious Life Church, where she led her team to the National championship (in 2010), a 2nd-place finish (2012), a 3rd-place finish (2011), and a 6th-place finish (2009). After a 3rd-place individual finish in 2009 she has placed first individually in every subsequent Nationals, winning the one-on-one tournament twice and the quoting bee twice.

Team History
Cedar Park extends the record for consecutive appearances at Nationals, with 16 consecutive years. The highest finish was 1st place in 2005; combined with 4th place finishes in 2004 and 2010, and a four-year string of 2nd place finishes from 2006-2009. Cedar Park also has the distinction of being the only church to place two teams in the top ten in the same year, with a 1st-and-10th finish in 2005 (over Matthew, by the way). Finally, Cedar Park holds the record for the only “perfect match” recorded at Nationals: all four quizzers quizzed out positively in a single match during the first day of competition in 2008.

Most exciting match this season
This was unquestionably our first match against Bellevue at Regionals. One reason it was memorable is that the second 30-pointer was the 26-part answer, and several quizzers were all slamming before the poor quizmaster (former national quizzer Jordan Shipley) could start the first word. Abby picked up the first foul, then Josh, then Damon, then Abby got a second one and had to back off. After question 15 we were down by 65 points. We got the next 3 off the table to draw closer, then were able to pick up a re-read and a quiz-out on question 19 to clinch an exciting come-back victory over a great team!

Favorite contest (weirdest, most clever, etc)
At River Classic, Ani hit on a 10-pointer from “That Which Defiles” and interrupted at “Which pro/.” He continued the question as “Which prophet is named” but then rightly took time to make sure he had covered all his bases and after a couple moments threw in “who prophesied” since the verse specifically says that Isaiah prophesied. The quizmaster interpreted it as making a different question (“Who prophesied?”) and ruled it incorrect. Our contest involved pointing out that Ani used the pronoun “who” as a relative pronoun, not as an interrogative pronoun. For those who aren’t quite such grammar nerds, that means he wasn’t using it to ask the question “Who prophesied?” but to further describe the prophet as a prophet “who prophesied,” which, although admittedly rather redundant, is certainly not incorrect. =)

Favorite quiz question (weirdest, funniest, etc)
Two part reference question. Give a complete answer. From Matthew chapters 2 and 8.

The furious Herod did what, and the furious storm did what?

Favorite verse from the material
Adi = 19:14

Ani = 19:26

Abby = 24:13 (seriously) and 22:27 (humorously)

Tournaments attended this year
River Classic

Favorite non-quiz related moment(s) this year
With friends in Douglas, Wyoming, watching the Miami Heat winning their second consecutive NBA championship in a thrilling game 7 over the San Antonio Spurs.

Disclaimer: this was not the best moment for the coaching staff; it relates only to the quizzers! =)

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
Adi quoted chapter 6 in his Bible class at school, and it inspired his classmates to memorize a passage the teacher had assigned them. All three quizzers sat in on a class in the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) at Northwest University, taught by Dr. Blaine Charette, whose expertise is particularly in the Gospel of Matthew, and were well equipped to follow and appreciate his in-depth teaching and answer questions. In general, being able to bring verses up in conversations with others and having access to them in their lives, minds and hearts is of course an ever-present blessing.