Nationals 2012 participants

New Life A/G, White Cloud, MI

Donna Pryer - head coach 7 years (5 as head coach) This will be our 7th consecutive year at Nationals

Thomas Pryer - assistant coach 6 years as a quizzer at nationals, first year as an assistant coach.

Samuel Pryer - 11th grade, 5th year at nationals. NMA, MMA

David Pryer - 9th grade 2nd year at nationals NMA

Faith Pryer - 7th grade 2nd year at nationals NMA MMA

John Pryer - 10th grade 1st year at nationals NMA

Aaron Pryer 6th grade - 1st year at nationals NMA

Team History
We quizzed for three years in California for Orange Hills assembly, before that our older kids quizzed for Irv Kuroishi. Thankfully we were coached in coaching by James Pryer, and Mary Pryer and mentored by Irv. We moved to Michigan in O8 and have quizzed for New Life Assembly since. We have been fortunate to qualify to go to nationals every year we've quizzed.

Most exciting match this season
John's rebuttal to a contest against James River after Karl said that a statement was cute but invalid. John agreed but said that no grown man should use the word cute in a contest.

Tournaments attended this year

Favorite non-quiz related moment(s) this year
With the economy we have had a couple of really hard years. We have had to evaluate what is important to our family and figure out how to make very limited resources cover us. There was a time this year that we were faced with deciding whether we could continue on past state finals. We kept going, and two days before we had to register our team for nationals, a completely unexpected check came in to cover the cost. It confirmed that God was with us in our decision to continue on.