Nationals 2012 participants

Living Hope Worship Center, Swedesboro, NJ

Kayla Hill- quizzed for five years, three of which were at nationals. First year as a coach.

Jared Hill- fourth year quizzing, third time attending nationals. This year Jared received his NMA, MMA, and Discipleship Award.

Chase Hill- fourth year quizzing, second time attending nationals. This year Chase received his NMA, MMA, and Discipleship Award.

Megan Steves- third year quizzing, second time attending nationals. This year Megan received her NMA.

Team History
This is Living Hope's sixth year involved in Bible Quiz and our fourth year in a row attending national finals. We are proud to have been a part of the rapid growth that New Jersey Bible Quiz has experienced. During our first year on involvement, there were a total of roughly five teams (A and novice combined). This year New Jersey was blessed to have 17 teams (A, B, and MSQ combined) compete at districts.

Most exciting match this season
Overcoming a deficit of 115 points on question 11 against Garfield, NJ to win in overtime and thus win our first District Championship.

Favorite Contest
When a quizzer of our team was answering, a guinea pig in the room suddenly began squealing extremely loudly and banging on the cage. The quizzer was called incorrect and we contested hindrance by the audience and it was accepted. A few weeks later, the guinea pig had to be put down due to its frequent seizures.

Favorite verse from the material
Jared- Hebrews 10:39
Chase- Hebrews 11:10
Megan- Hebrews 4:12
Tournaments attended this year
Friendship Classic

Favorite non-quiz related moment(s) this year
This season we have enjoyed many experiences from improving hacky-sack skills, having fun with drive through workers at Dunkin Donuts, shooting full-court basketball shots, and watching Tim Tebow in playoffs, to distributing black eyes to fellow team members (by accident). However, some of the best memories are made by simply hanging out and enjoying each other's company.

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
Bible Quiz has helped all of us with daily life and being ready "to give an answer to anyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have."

Jared: I always put Bible Quiz on any of my resumes. Anyone (whether Christian or non-Christian) can respect the fact that a youth has memorized multiple books of the Bible. It's amazing how many conversations this can open up.