Nationals 2012 participants

Evangel Community Church, Snellville, GA

MacKenzie McKay quizzed 4 years memorizing three books, receiving 1 NMA, and going to nationals once. This is his sixth year as a coach, first as head coach and third nationals as a coach.

Ceiran Beasley: This is Ceiran's seventh and senior year in Bible Quiz. He has memorized 8 books and earned 2 NMA's. This is his third appearance at nationals.

Sarah Swales: This is Sarah's third and senior year in Bible Quiz and her 1st nationals appearance.

Rowojo Okala : Rowojo, aka Roger, has been quizzing for three years and memorized one book. This is his first appearance at nationals.

Andy Okala : Andy has been quizzing for 4 years and memorized 2 books. This will be his second Nationals competition.

Team History
Snellville has been involved with Bible Quiz from the beginning, winning the very first Bible Quiz nationals in 1963. Snellville (also called Bouldercrest, Decatur and Centerville) has appeared at Nationals 22 times and winning 2 more times in 1976 and 1978. For many years until 2010, Snellville was coached by Mark Gilmer, an amazing coach who affected numerous lives significantly including my own. Mark was also a member of the quiz teams during the 1970's wins at nationals.

Most exciting match this season
At the Georgia District Competition there was a tie for first place between Snellville and Cumming. Both teams had studied diligently and competed well over the day. The match was in a room that was too small and too hot for the number of people who were there, but it was interesting as it would have been Snellville's first number one spot at districts in several years. The match started off pretty even, with several near misses and amazing grabs by both teams. As the match drew closer to the end, the final 30 point question, a quote, was asked. It was hit by one of the quizzers, a substitute for Ceiran who had quizzed out. Unfortunately, a single mistake cost the question and resulted in a 45 point swing ultimately losing the match. Though a loss, it taught a lot about quizzing and was a match that won't be forgotten easily.

Tournaments attended this year
Mark Gilmer Atlanta Open
River Classic