Nationals 2012 participants

Highpointe Church, Oklahoma City, OK

Coaches and Quizzers
The Highpointe team this year consists of Micah Samuelson, Connor McGraw and Matthew Samuelson. Head coach is Elizabeth Bluebird and assisting me is Michael Samuelson. This is Elizabeth's 19th year of coaching Bible quiz at the same church. Michael has been coaching at Highpointe for 5 years, but this is his first year as a coach at Nationals, because he officiated at the past two years. Neither of us quizzed as a teen. In college, I saw a demonstration of quiz and decided this is a ministry I would like to be a part of. So as soon as I graduated and became a member of Highpointe (formerly Lakeside), I approached the pastor about starting a BQ ministry in the church. It has a been a wonderful learning experience. This year Matthew has earned the National Memorization award. Connor McGraw and Micah Samuelson as well as coach Elizabeth Bluebird has earned the Master Memorization award.

Team History
This is the team's third year at Nationals. Micah has been all three years, but this is Matthews and Connors second time. In 2010 in Detroit we placed 4th in the Contender division. Last year in Dallas we placed 12th in the Championship division.

Most exciting match this season
Our most exciting match this year was our last one at Regionals. We had tied for second and was having a play-off. It was very close and we lost by only 10 points. It is hard to lose sometimes.

Favorite verse from the material
The teams favorite verse is I Peter 3:7. With three boys on the team, I was a little surprised they pick that verse, and I pray that they will live by that verse when they do get married.

Tournaments attended this year
Gold Cup
Missouri Classic
River Classic

Favorite non-quiz related moment(s) this year
Our favorite non-quiz memory is the Highpointe quizzers sponsoring a back to school backpack giveaway at a small Hispanic church that averages about 50 people each Sunday. Last year we gave away 850 backpacks filled with supplies and over 1000 people heard the gospel message. It was a lot of work, but it is also a blessing to minister to so many people. This year we hope to give away over 1000 backpacks.

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
Since we are doing Hebrews this year, I would like to talk about when I first did Hebrews 16 years ago. That year I decided as a coach to memorize Hebrews with my quizzers. It was my first year to try and memorize an entire book. During that year I was asked to go a mission trip with a Seventh Day Adventist Church. (My boss's husband was the trip leader, and they were wanting someone who was experienced in Medical Mission trips to go and help coordinate the medical part). On the bus the first day a young man sat down beside me and started telling me why they believed the way they did and why I was wrong. Each time he used Scripture from the OT to prove their point, I was able to use scripture from Hebrews to explain the new covenant. He soon gave up and went back to his own seat. This proved to me how invaluable learning the Word is.