Nationals 2012 participants

Hastings Northshore Church, Hastings, NE

Aaron Beye has been involved in Bible Quiz for 9 years now. This is his third year coaching the NorthShore Assembly of God team. He has been to Nationals twice before (once as a quizzer).

Hannah Swanson has been involved in Bible Quiz for 8 years now. This is her first year coaching a team. She has been to Nationals twice as a quizzer.

Tori Beye has been quizzing for 6 years now. She is a senior and has been to Nationals 3 times as a quizzer, once as an individual. She earned the National Memorization Award this year.

Andrea Conteras is a freshman. She has been involved in Bible Quiz for 3 years.

Adrian Epp is a freshman. He has been involved in Bible Quiz for 3 years.

Abigail Swanson is in 7th grade.This is her second year of quizzing and her first year in the A-league.

Team History
This is NorthShore's third year as a quiz team. We have attended Regionals twice. This is the team's first year at nationals, though one of the quizzers and both of the coaches have attended nationals before.

Most exciting match this season
Our team's most interesting match this year took place at Regionals. At the beginning of one round, our team was slightly behind the other team. Then, a member of the opposing team interrupted a question, the judges counted the answer incorrect, and our team answered correctly. Aaron, however, thought that the question should have been counted correct, so he initiated a contest (incurring a team foul), in which he asked the judges to reconsider their decision and count the opposing team's answer correct. They did. At this point, the judges awarded a five-point foul to our team, and the other coach jokingly asked if he could contest the foul. At this, the quizmaster (Ross Toeller) went out into the hall and consulted with the coordinator. When he returned, he told the quiz room that the judges would not be awarding a foul this time. (Upon hearing this, Aaron promptly tried to contest, but he was overruled.) Even though the contest put our team several points behind, our team eventually won the match.

The team's State Finals playoff round against Gering, which was the last match of State Finals. Gering has been not only our most difficult competition this entire year, but they have become some of our best quizzing friends. OUr teams are very evenly matched, and every opportunity to tango with them leaves us sharper and more edified than when we started. They had been trouncing us all year in the league meets, and we were able to pull ahead of them by a whisker in the playoff match, finally ending their undefeated streak and becoming the state champions. (They, of course, promptly turned around and thrashed us at Regionals, and we look forward to the Nationals rematch.)

Favorite verse from the material
Hebrews 12:21 "The sight was so terrifying that Moses said, 'I am trembling with fear.'" Once during a confer at practice, the quizzers memorized this verse together by repeating it several times in unison. Whenever this verse comes up in a question, one of the quizzers will buzz in and say the verse with fervor, and everyone else enjoys the recitation.

Favorite non-quiz related moment(s) this year
On the way back from Regionals, two of our quizzers and Luke Hamilton from Gering were earnestly discussing Lord of the Rings. They even began to invent puzzling questions for "Lord of the Rings Quiz."