Nationals 2012 participants

Central A/G, "What They Fear", Springfield, MO

Evelyn Oss is our head coach and has been coaching for 6 years. She has coached at nationals for 4 years.

Diane Riley is our assistant coach and has helped coach for 3 years. This will be her 3rd year coaching at Nationals.

Ellen Oss is a senior this year and has been quizzing for 7 years. She has memorized 16 books and has received her NMA 6 times. This will be her 5th year at Nationals.

Brianna Riley is also a senior this year and has been quizzing for 5 years. She has memorized 13 books and has received her NMA 5 times. This will be her 5th year at Nationals.

Amie Oss is a sophomore this year and has been quizzing for 5 years. She has memorized 11 books and has received her NMA 5 times. This will be her 3rd year at Nationals.

Team History
As a team this will be our 2nd year at Nationals. Even though we've only been quizzing on the same team for 2 years we've had a pretty long history together. Ellen and Bri got the be real good friends at their first Nationals in Green Bay, despite having to play off against each other in a 6 way tie for the last slot in the top division. (The two youngest teams to ever playoff at Nationals!)

Since we were asked to give some interesting church history...we've heard all sorts of good stories about Joey Bohanon when he quizzed for Central, one including Joey dancing shirtless in the hotel fountain? Want to clear us up on that one Joey?

(Added by Joey: I swear on Acts 5:1-11 that although I had a very interesting 6 years on the Central team, that never happened.)

Interesting Historical Tidbits
This team has finished second twice (1988 and 1997), third three times (1976, 1987 and 1996) and fourth once (2011). The church has also hosted national finals twelve times since 1964.

Most exciting match this season
At Regionals this year we had a pretty strange thing happen. While we were quizzing out other Central team we had a major equipment malfunction. At question 5 Bri had obviously buzzed in first but the box didn't register it. After the question when we checked Bri's buzzer wasn't working so we had to start the match over from the beginning. When we got through question 7 on the do-over set it happened to Ellen's buzzer! By the end of the match we were checking buzzers in between every question and we had heard 34 questions (14 of them being subs since we didn't have any extra question sets.)

Favorite contest (weirdest, most clever, etc)
Our favorite contest this year was on a quotation question. We made our rebuttal using all the quotation question contest phrases from the "Bible Quiz Greats." i.e. "A quotation question is unique in the fact that a quizzer can only say it once, and the judges can only hear it once," "It is the quizzer's responsibility to speak loudly and clearly enough," "How can you go back 3 minutes and rehear what the quizzer said?" etc.

Favorite quiz question (weirdest, funniest, etc)
We don't have a favorite question this year but our least favorite is any variation on the question from Hebrews 2:6-8 that claims to be describing Jesus instead of man.

Favorite verse from the material
Ellen- 1 Peter 5:7
Bri- Hebrews 13:6
Amie- Hebrews 10:24

Tournaments attended this year
Gold Cup
Missouri Classic
Southern Fried Classic
Friendship Classic
South Texas Invitational (Best tournament ever! Thank you Mr. Fowler!)
River Classic

Favorite non-quiz related moment(s) this year
We have a lot of fun with people from our quiz program. Both of our favorite "non-quiz" related moments were on the way to or back from tournaments. The first one was when our team had to ride in a separate car because the bus was full. We kidnapped Matthew Klika and Daniel Quick from the bus and had them ride home in our car. We didn't stop laughing the whole way home. Our other favorite moment was on the way to Houston for the South Texas Tournament (again the most wonderful tournament ever!) We had the 15 passenger bus and only ten people. We brought along packages of bubbles and ended up having an all-out bubble war as we drove down the interstate and through Dallas traffic. There was soap everywhere by the time we were done. Take it from Bri and Ellen…bubbles are meant to be blown not eaten.

(By the way Garfield in regard to your involuntary vandalism in Pittsburgh…we know a really good plumber…and we had extra soap.)