Nationals 2012 participants

Cedar Park Church, Bothell, WA

Heather Karnes (head coach): This is Heather's second year coaching for Cedar Park. Last year, she was head coach for the Middle School team and joined the top team at Nationals as an assistant coach. A former quizzer, Heather quizzed for six years and made five trips to National Finals (thus, cumulatively, this is her seventh year at Nationals).

Bonnie Karnes (assistant coach): Bonnie has been coaching, officiating, and coordinating for Cedar Park wherever needed off and on for the past eight years. She has officiated twice at Nationals, and this will be her second year coaching at Nationals (her first stint was as assistant coach for Cedar Park's "Eternal Mystery" team in 2006).

André Nicolov: André has been quizzing for 5 years, and this is his second year at National Finals. He is in 9th grade and received the NMA.

Anita Jaganath: Anita has been quizzing for 5 years, and this is her third year at National Finals. She is in 10th grade.

EJ Olsen: EJ has been quizzing for 2 years, and this is his first year at National Finals. He is in 8th grade and received the NMA.

Jacob Schumacher: Jacob has been quizzing for 2 years, and this is his first year at National Finals. He is in 8th grade and received the NMA.

Jonathan Roberts: Jonathan has been quizzing for 2 years, and this is his first year at National Finals. He is in 8th grade.

Samuel Schumacher: Samuel has been quizzing for 2 years, and this is his first year at National Finals. He is in 10th grade and received the NMA.

Team History
Cedar Park Assembly from Bothell, WA has made significant contributions to National Finals over the years. This year, we will break the record for the most teams a church has sent consecutively to Nationals with 15 appearances (every Nationals since 1998) and 19 teams. Cedar Park also holds the record for the most consecutive 2nd place finishes with four from 2006-2009. As a fun fact, Cedar Park has a knack for getting themselves into playoff situations at Nationals. When the National championship had been decided without a playoff for 10 years, Cedar Park came in and won the tie for first in 2005; the following year, we won the playoff for second (as well as the second team making it out of an at the time unheard of 5-way playoff in the preliminary round); still the following year, we lost a playoff for first place in 2007. Cedar Park would be playoff-free for the next two years (although being in contention for the championship certainly made every match feel like a playoff!), until they would return to the playoff circuit with the premier of the Final Four format in 2010.

Most Exciting Match This Season
The team unanimously chose our match against Mountain View Assembly (affectionately known as "Ani & Adi" or "Cedar Park East") at Regionals. The match came down to the 20th question; fortunately for us, however, Ani had quizzed out backwards on question 16, and Adi had quizzed out forward on question 19. EJ grabbed the last 10 and solidified our 5-point victory.

Favorite contest (weirdest, most clever, etc)
During one of the matches at Snake River, the opposing team answered a question requiring Hebrews 10:23 for the answer. The quizzer answered perfectly, except he changed the phrase "the hope we profess" to "the faith we profess." The officials ruled him wrong, and he contested, trying to convince the officials that hope and faith were the same thing. The opposing team presented their contest, and EJ presented the rebuttal, using Hebrews 11:1 as evidence that faith and hope were not the same. The opposing team's contest was denied, and we won that particular match.

Favorite quiz question (weirdest, funniest, etc)
The one question that sends giggles through the whole team every time it comes up in practice: "Question for 10 points. Give a complete answer. From the section titled "By Faith." How good was Abraham? (H 11:12 as good as dead)" Also, there is a certain quizzer on our team that always manages to hit on any questions coming from 1 Peter 4:3. Needless to say, said quizzer has taken some ribbing on account of it.
Favorite verse
André: H 12:12
Anita: H 11:34
EJ: H 4:16
Jacob: 2P 3:16
Jonathan: 1P 4:1
Samuel: Jude 15

Tournaments attended this year
Snake River
River Classic

Best non quiz-related moment
It's so hard to pick just one! The team made lots of memories watching the Chronicles of Narnia in Spanish in the lobby of the hotel at Snake River. Also, our study retreat produced a host of memories involving corn flakes, rap nicknames, and mathematical covers of popular songs. And I simply could not submit this item without at least mentioning a certain evening consisting of socks, ceiling fans, wooden walls, and coaches crying on the floor from laughter.

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
Four of our team members belong to our church's karate ministry. They are required to memorize verses in order to achieve different belts, and they also have a devotional every week. Memorizing these books has given them the opportunity to contribute more to the discussion. Also, Anita encourages her friends at school to study the Bible.