Nationals 2011

Living Hope Church, Swedesboro, NJ

Head Coach: Wayne Hill. First time coaching at nationals.

Assistant Coach: Debbie Hill. 2nd year assistant coaching at nationals.

Jared Hill has memorized John. This is his second year attending nationals.

Kayla Hill has received her NMA. This is her 3rd time attending nationals.

Chase Hill has memorized John. This is his first year in A League and first year attending nationals.

Team History
This is Living Hope's 5th year of involvement in teen bible quiz. This will be the third consecutive year of sending a team to nationals.

Most exciting match this season
There's not one particular match that we can think of this season. Hoping for some good ones at nationals.

Favorite Contest
During a league match between Swedesboro's two teams, Chase answered the question "When did Jesus ask the Samaritan woman 'Will you give me a drink?'" by saying, "the sixth hour" before giving the correct answer from verse 7. It was originally ruled correct and contested by the other team. During the rebuttle, Jared said, "We know from the application questions that the sixth hour is noon, in other words it was lunch time! And so the Samaritan woman was obviously getting water to prepare for LUNCH, thus making her come at the sixth hour."

Favorite Quiz Question
10 points. Statement and Question. Give a Complete Answer. From John Chapter 1.
It's embarrassing when you see someone's underwear. Jesus saw Nathanael under wear?
A. fig tree.

Favorite Verse from John
Jared: 11:41,42

Kayla: 15:19

Chase: 5:44

Tournaments attended this year
Friendship Classic
Three Rivers Classic

Favorite non-quiz related moment(s) this year
Probably taking a walk in our woods after a league meet with several of our quizzers. Two of them ended up falling in the stream.

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
Quizzers have had opportunites to minister and witness to friends, family, and co workers through talking about Bible Quiz.