Nationals 2011

Racine A/G, Racine, WI

Courtney Cobb, 5th year coaching, 3rd year coaching at Nationals.

Kim Dahlin, 3rd year assistant coaching at Nationals

Nathan Dahlin, 5th year quizzer, 3rd year quizzing at Nationals, earned his NMA.

Aimee Lojeski, 3rd year quizzer, 1st year quizzing in A-league, 1st year quizzing at Nationals, memorized all of John.

Renee Toeller, 5th year quizzer, 2nd year quizzing at Nationals, earned her NMA.

Team History
This will be Racine’s 5th year attending Nationals and 3rd year in a row.

Most Exciting Match This Season
Nathan’s most exciting match was our Regional game against Cedar Rapids. We knew that we needed to win this game if we wanted a shot at winning Regionals. The match was very close. They led in the beginning. Nathan had gotten a 20 pointer wrong, but then got two of the 30 pointers. Josiah Coder (one of the top quizzers in our region) got the remaining 30 pointer. Nathan quizzed out forward, then Josiah quizzed out. Then our other two quizzers closed out the game for us. Renee had 85 points and Aimee had 20 points. We ended up winning a very good game.

Aimee’s most exciting match was a match during one of our league meets. The judges had conferred for a very long time on a contest. By the time they had voted on the contest a second time, they were saying our time was up and we were only half way through the match. But then they realized that nobody had written down the official time that we started the match, so we got to finish it.

Renee’s most exciting match was the one where she scored 150 points for the first time in time in her TBQ career.

Favorite Quiz Question
Nathan’s favorite quiz question was a 30 point question from Regionals. 8 part answer. From John chapter 12. In order of appearance, which individuals are named?

Renee’s favorite quiz question was from Joey Bohannon’s National level practice set. Statement and quotation question. Around the vernal and autumnal equinoxes there are exactly 12 hours of daylight. Quote the verse in which Jesus refers to this fact.

Favorite Verse of John
John 16:33

Tournaments attended this year
Mid-Winter Classic
River Classic

Best Non-Quiz Related Moment
Nathan’s best non-quiz moment was going to Josiah Coder’s house during Regionals and eating out at a Mexican restaurant.

Aimee and Renee’s best non-quiz moment was witnessing to a homeless man on the way home from Regionals.

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
Aimee uses Bible Quiz to answer some of her friends questions about her faith. Renee uses her Bible knowledge to witness to her friends and encourage them.