Nationals 2011

North Valley A/G, Phoenix, AZ

Coach - John Nardozzi has coached for 22 years and is his 7th time at Nationals, previously coaching at Grace A/G in Syracuse, NY

Assistants: Mike Stogner & Angela Headley. I have never really had assistants before but they have made this year so easy, especially with the long drives to tournaments and Regionals with all the details and with keeping the quizzers entertained in the car.

Chad Stogner - 2nd time at Nationals and has received his NMA

Ashley Kellock - 1st time at both Regionals & Nationals and has received her NMA

Morgan Nardozzi - 1st time at both Regionals & Nationals and memorized all the chapters of John

Team History
Our church name is North Valley A/G. We are a very small church where about 3/4 of the youth group is made up of students who were involved with quizzing. The church had no quizzing ministry when I came, but Pastor Scott had coached quizzing back when he was Pastor at Oak Orchard A/G in Medina, NY and was very excited to have quizzing and is extremely supportive. This is our first year at nationals and regionals.

Most exciting match this season
James River "Condemned Already" team @ the Missouri Classic. It came right down to the end with two contests and even a request for a tournament co-ordinators decision.

Favorite Contest
The question asked for the two verses in which living water is named. Our team answered and gave an additional answer. We contested on Additional Scripture and the other team contested that it was an invalid question because there are three answers and the question implied that there were only two.

Favorite Quiz Question
20 Part Answer. What chapters is Jesus found in?

Statement and Question. Your 16th birthday is sometimes referred to as your "Sweet 16th". Quote John 16:16.

Favorite Verse from John
Birthday verse: July 19 - 7:19 and Dec 25 - 12:25

John 9:34 To this they replied, “You were steeped in sin at birth; how dare you lecture us!” And they threw him out.

Tournaments attended this year
Missouri Classic
West Coast Open in California

Favorite Non-Quiz Related Moment
While we were at the West Coast open we went to the Ocean. In the sand there was small patches of globs of tar and Chad got some on his knee and it didn't come off. I had to go to Home Depot and buy "Goof Off" to remove the tar. When I came back he was on the bathroom floor trying to rub it off with water and toilet paper with the rest of the team standing around him, laughing because it just wasn't working. Also at Regional's, Morgan walked into hotel room 216 thinking it was our room 316 (The door was open but still embarrassing).

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
On the way back from Regionals we stopped at Denny's for supper. We were all wearing our Regionals T-shirts and the Manager asked who and what we were. We got to tell him about Bible Quiz and Ashley even got to quote for him.