Nationals 2011

HighPointe Church, Oklahoma City, OK

The team is coached by Elizabeth Bluebird. Elizabeth started the BQ program at Highpointe(formerly Lakeside) 18 years ago and has coached ever since. Never having had any quizzing experience or prior knowledge of quizzing she depended on other coaches in the Oklahoma district to learn about quiz.

There are 6 quizzers on the team. Micah Samuelson has been quizzing with Highpointe since 7th grade. He has earned the NMA for the past 5 years and the MMA the past 3 years. Seth Urbina is a senior this year and has been quizzing with Highpointe both with JBQ and teen BQ. He and Micah were both part of the team at Nationals last year. Matthew Samuelson has been quizzing since 5th grade. He has earned the NMA the past two years. This is his first year on the A-League team. Last year he and Connor McGraw and Matthew Alfaro were on a novice team and went to Regional's. Connor McGraw has also earned his NMA the past two years. The sixth quizzeris Adrian Davis. He came in and started quizzing in February. He had been coming to practice to watch and decided he wanted to start quizzing. He is very excited about being able to go to Nationals his first year of quizzing.

Team History
Our team name is "Highpointe! Can anything good come from there?" We chose that because as John shows us, no matter how small, or large, new or old something good can come from there. This is the churches second year to go to Nationals.

Most exciting match this season
When the team was questioned about their favorite match, they discussed several, but then said "The ones that we lost, because they taught us humility and put our prides to shame.

Tournaments attended this year
Missouri Classic
River Classic

Favorite verse of John
The team's favorite verse of John is John 11:14.

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
Our BQ program has grown and we have 15 quizzers that have quizzed this year. They have also competed in Fine Arts and won many awards there. However our pastor has challenged the BQ department along with the other departments to "go out to the mission field". We chose as our mission field a Hispanic church on the south side of the city to partner with. Last year in August we did out first project which was to hand out school supplies. Expecting about 100 people at the most, we were overwhelmed when over 1000 people showed up. We did not have enough supplies for everyone, but started with backpacks until they were gone, then bags of school supplies till they were gone, then handed out $5.00 gift cards to Wal-mart. We were able to deliver the gospel message along with the supplies to over 500 people. This year we plan to do it again at the end of July, and are hoping to give away 1000 backpacks. We have also ministered at Halloween with a Trunk-or-Treat and then with an Easter Egg hunt at Easter. As a BQ team we have learned the value of learning Gods word so we can share it with others.