Nationals 2011

Timberline Church, Fort Collins, CO

Kimberly- Head Coach- 6 years- 2 times at nationals

Susan- Assistant Coach- 5 years- This will be her first time at nationals

Kyle- Quizzer- 5 years- First time at nationals, received the National Memorization Award 5 times and the Master Memorization Award once.
Kory- Quizzer- 3 years- First time at nationals, received the National Memorization Award 2 times.
Madison- Quizzer- 4 years- First time at nationals
Carley- Quizzer- 5 years- 2 times at nationals
Marin- Quizzer- 3 years- First time at nationals

Team History
The Timberline Quiz Team has been to regionals all 6 years of the program, qualified for nationals 3 times, and had at least one quizzer at nationals twice. This particular team has been together (mostly- changing a few quizzers) for two years now of Regionals and Nationals qualification and attendance.

Most exciting match this season
Any of our matches against Living Hope were always entertaining. The most exciting matches were the one or two at Regional finals that were won on the last question. Another joyful match was the last match of Regionals, when we could tell near the end that we would win, giving us a perfect record.

Favorite Contest
The most memorable moment from a contest this season was when Kory said, “I can like chocolate, and you can like chocolate, but that doesn't mean we're friends!”

Favorite Quiz Question
Question for 10 points: What was said plainly?
Answer: “Lazarus is dead!”
Any question we know the answers to.

Favorite Verse from John
Kory- 8:43
Kyle- 15:13
Carley- 3:19-21

Favorite non-quiz related moment(s) this year
Playing Lazer Tag and Putt-Putt after Regionals, all of our fun lunches at Qdoba, and driving in the van :)

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
Carley: I personally use my quiz knowledge a lot in school, when people come up to me looking for answers to tough religious questions or searching for verses to help a point and solve a riddle in their head. I have often been able to give someone a good chapter from the bible to read- chapters I wouldn't have known had I not been a part of quiz. Books of the Bible I wouldn't have read that come up every day in my normal life.