Nationals 2011

Radiant Life A/G, Elkhart, IN

My name is John Hunter and I have coached since 1980. I have been to Nationals now in three different decades. This is the first time I have ever coached back to back teams to Nationals. I have been the head coach for 6 trips and have been to three others as the assistant. This team has been so amazing. Last year we recieved a wild card to Nationals and really learned a lot. This year my kids have been saying they would return to Nationals all year long and i was not real surprised they made it. They were amazing all year long winning the Indiana District and advancing to Regionals as Indiana's top team. I quizzed one year as an 8th grader. That was so long ago I won't mention the year and we were not very good. I often wonder what brought me back to quizzing as I didn't like it much as a quizzer. I have loved all 30 + years of coaching and have also been the District and Regional Coordinator. My assistant coaches are Kim Walters and Joanne Schrock and they have been invaluable both in helping finance the team but also for their tremendous support of me personally. Once again I can say I have enjoyed coaching this team so much. They are fun but also at times unpredictable. I think because we have expected a lot out ourselves, we have gotten in trouble more than once during a quiz match.

The team members are Makena Schrock who earned both the National and Master Memorization awards, Kenadee Schrock who earned the National Memorization Award, SeAyra Walters who also earned the National Memorization award and Ashlynn Schrock who is in her first year of TBQ.

Team History
With this being our second time at Nationals we are hoping to make the top bracket. We finished in the bottom half of the Challenger Bracket last year and hope to get into the Championship this year. I can honestly say this team has worked much harder and performed a lot better in pressure situations. We attended two tournaments, the Gobblefest and james River. At the Gobblefest we were second in our Bracket, going undefeated till the last round against Garfield. Garfield was awesome and handled that match easily but I think we learned a lot from that. We did not do so well at the River classic but I think it helped us prepare for District Finals which were the next week. At District Finals we finished in First Place and went undefeated. Regionals was in indianapolis and we had a very good draw. We lost 4 rounds on Friday and went 5 and 4 and need to win our last four matches on Saturday which we did. That put us in a tie for 3rd place but we were placed 5th as we beat Lexington but Lexington beat Ohio's 2nd team and they beat us. That placed us 5th but we were going to Nationals.

Most exciting match this season
We had several throughout the year but probably quizzing Greater Lansing first round on Saturday morning at Great Lakes Regional Finals was our most exciting. We knew we had to win out to advance to Nationals and we won with a solid performance on our way to going undefeated on Saturday.

Favorite Contest
I don't really have one. The amazing thing about this team is last year I couldn't get them to contest at all and certainly couldn't get them to present a contest. By the time we got to Nationals last year they were willing to present and that continued until now. I am amazed at how these girls have grown up this year and really become a mature team. We haven't arrived but we are making headway.

Tournaments attended this year
River Classic