Nationals 2011

Central A/G "Without Limit", Springfield, MO (Click photo for more pictures)

Richard Fair (Head Coach)—Richard has been around quiz for a while but not as long as a certain webmaster. He is a former national-level quizzer with King's Chapel in Springfield, MO. His team placed 5th, and Richard placed 6th individually at the 2001 National Finals. This will be his fifth year coaching a team to Nationals Finals, and his fourth consecutive year coaching Central Assembly at Nationals. Most recently, he’s become the proud father of a wonderful baby girl!

Christina Quick (Assistant Coach)—Christina will be serving as assistant coach for her 2nd year at National Finals.

Matthew Klika—4th year at Nationals—received the NMA & the MMA
Emily Murray—3rd year at Nationals—received the NMA
Daniel Quick—2nd year at Nationals—received the NMA & the MMA

Team History
Central has competed at more national finals than any other team. Their first appearance was in 1976 when only eight teams went to nationals. They were the first team to appear at nationals for an entire cycle, from 1986 to 1993. They also went in 1995, through 1997, 1999 through 2001 and every year since 2008. This is the second time they have sent two teams to nationals. Former team members include two top scorers, Jhan Hurst and Marcae Johnson, as well as Karl Dawson and website administrator Joey Bohanon. Central placed third in 1976, 1987, 1996 and 2000 and second in 1988 and 1997.

Most exciting match this season
The Final Match of the Xtreme Tournament in Owasso was exciting as it sealed an undefeated record for “Without Limit”. Owasso (Central’s opponent) in the last match had only 1 loss and would win the tie-breaker on points. Matthew Klika needed the final four questions for a quiz-out to give WL the championship. He nailed it, and the rest is history (although these stats aren’t posted on the website, so maybe they’re not history :D)!

Favorite contest (weirdest, most clever, etc) Ones we get accepted. Honestly, we find most of our contests are spent arguing basic grammar rules for the English language.

Favorite quiz question (weirdest, funniest, etc)
Statement and Quotation Question. From The Section Titled, "Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand."
Although it’s not true, one verse makes it sound like Andrew promoted cannibalism.
Quote it.

Tournaments attended this year
Gold Cup
Missouri Classic
Southern Fried Classic
Friendship Classic
River Classic
Owasso Xtreme

Favorite verse from John
Daniel 1:24

Favorite non-quiz related moment this year
What’s a non-quiz related moment? Just kidding! After the Xtreme tournament, the team got rowdy and celebrated with dinner at Monterey’s in Tulsa! Daniel went the restroom (don’t worry, it’s still PG), and as he exited, he forgot he wasn’t at home and accidentally turned out the lights. Unfortunately, there was still someone in the restroom, and Daniel heard a furious scream from the stall. Daniel was startled and high-tailed (an Ozarks term) it outta there coming back to the group with an embarrassed look. The rest of the group got a laugh, but there still may be a man trying to make his way out of a restroom in a Tulsa dining establishment.

Another non-quiz related moment was the two days spent in McAlester after our church van broke down on the way from Gold Cup.

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
Other than day-to-day expressing growth in their godly character, each of them has had opportunities to model what they have gleaned from Bible Quiz. Daniel quotes everywhere and usually will end up being noticed in public to the point of conversation starting. Matthew had an opportunity to volunteer in tornado devastated Joplin, and Emily is continually held in high regard by her public school peers as a person of faith who can lend answers any time.