Nationals 2011

Dayspring A/G "Raving Mad", Bowling Green, OH

Coaches - Vicky Albrecht (head coach, 5th consecutive year coaching a team to National Finals)

Ryan Albrecht (assistant, former 4-time National Finals quizzer and captain)

Jeff Albrecht (assistant)

Jeremy Albrecht (captain, NMA, MMA. 5th consecutive National Finals, finished 7th individually in 2010)

Brianna Albrecht - (NMA, 2nd consecutive National Finals)

Kendall Facer (NMA, 2nd consecutive National Finals)

Team History
This is our 5th consecutive National Finals appearance. This will be only our 6th year competing in the 'A' division, and only our 7th year with a TBQ ministry.

Most exciting match this season
4 separate matches against Garfield, NJ. 3 of these matches came down to the final question.

Favorite Contest
Defining the kingdom of God as either a where or a what. Jeremy won the contest, but the best part was the other team being so confused that they stand up to respond to the contest, and wind up unknowingly agreeing with it!

Favorite Quiz Question
Couldn't come up with a favorite question. However, the least favorite question is "What is the verdict?" And all variations of it. All 3 quizzers are sick and tired of answering that question.

Favorite Verse from John
No Favorite verse, but the least favorite verse is the 'rhyming' verse. John 17:23. Verse must be read aloud or spoken for complete rhyming effect.

Tournaments attended this year
Michiana Tournament
Friendship Classic
Three Rivers Classic

Favorite non-quiz related moment(s) this year
Aaron (one of our MSQ quizzers) was with us at the 3 Rivers tournament. We stopped for diner on the way home, and he ordered a maple bacon sundae...yes, he did eat it

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
Quoting at the Bowling Green Courthouse on the National Day of Prayer.