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Nationals 2010

Victorious Life Church, "One Purpose", Wesley Chapel, FL

Coach: Joshua Weber. Joshua has been involved with quiz for over 20 years. He was on back-to-back national championship teams from Lakeland, FL in 1990 and 1991 and was top scorer in 1992. He has coached at Wesley Chapel for three years.

Abby Rogers: This will be Abby's second national finals. She has earned her NMA and MMA this year.
Erinn Wolf: This is Erinn's third year at national finals. She has earned her NMA and MMA this year.
Reesie Owens: This will be Reesie's third year at national finals.

Team History
VLC has been to Nationals 3 consecutive years. We have the honor of sending two teams to Nationals last year.

Most Exciting Match This Season
The 2nd time quizzing Bristow at Friendship.

Favorite contest
The contest that started, "Boy, I love being nit-picky."

Favorite quiz question
Joey's throwback question to the Saturday Night Live character of the church lady and the following question from one of our own:

Question for 20 points. Statement and Essence Question. From the Section Titled, One Body, Many Parts.

The fundamental theorem of arithmetic states that "Every whole number can be factored into one set of prime numbers." Give in essence the verse that says a similar thing happened to us.

Favorite verse from Corinthians Abby: 2C 8:9
Erinn: 2C 5:14-15
Reesie: 2C 12:7

Tournaments attended this year
Friendship Classic

Favorite non-quiz related moment this year
Yo-mama jokes and pick up lines 9 days before leaving for Nationals.

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
Sharing the good news at car washes.