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Nationals 2010

Evangel Community Church, Snellville, GA

Mark Gilmer: Mark Gilmer has coached for 24 years after quizzing for 8 years. He was on the National Championship teams in 1976 and ’78. He finished in the top 6 scorers twice. This is Mark’s 17th trip to Nationals, 5 as a quizzer and 12 as a coach.
MacKenzie McKay is coaching for his 4th year and is making his 2nd trip as a coach after going as a quizzer in 2003.

Melvinia McDonald is coaching for her 4th year and is making her 2nd trip to Nationals.
Eric Beasley is coaching for his 2nd year and making his first trip to Nationals. Eric, Mel and MacKenzie were critical to qualifying for Nationals.

Ceiran Beasley has been quizzing for 5 years and this is his 2nd year at Nationals.
Rodney Brown has been quizzing for 4 years and this is his 2nd year at Nationals.
Yoki Belay has been quizzing for 6 years and this is her 3rd time at Nationals.
Andy Okala is quizzing in his second year and making his first trip to Nationals.
Joel Pabon is also quizzing in his second year and also making his first trip to Nationals.
Joseph Arcuri has been quizzing for 6 years and is going to Nationals for the 1st time.

Team History
This Evangel Community Church, Snellville’s 20th time to Nationals. It also appeared at Nationals as Bouldercrest A/G, Atlanta,GA and as Evangel Temple, Decatur, GA. Evangel has won Nationals 3 times including 1963 (the first year) and 1976 and 1978. Evangel has finished in the top 4 at Nationals numerous times including a 2nd place finish in 1982. Evangel has had the top scorer 3 times and had the winner of the one-on-one (now the individual tournament) in 1991.

Most Exciting Match This Season
The Regional playoff with Ashland, AL that came down to the last question.

Favorite Contest (weirdest, most clever, etc)
We haven’t had many contests this year but once Ceiran tried to contest that a tree and a plant are the same. He didn’t get it of course.

Favorite quiz question
The question is: “Jars of Clay are a famous Christian band. Give the verse that mentions jars of clay.”

Favorite verse from Corinthians
Ceiran 1C6:15
Yoki 1C 10:13
Joel 2C 12:9
Rodney 1C 6:13
Andy 2C 5:17

Tournaments attended this year
Peach Classic
Atlanta Open
River Classic

Favorite non-quiz related moment this year
Rapping the Scripture in the van while driving to tournaments.

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
We have a very large group with 18 quizzers plus adults so we attract a lot of attention. We have had opportunities to talk about Bible Quiz to many in restaurants and other places where they comment on the excellent behavior of our group.